Monday, December 18, 2006

Get Labeled with ADHD or Get Help with ADHD?

By Dr. Doris Jeanette

First, I would like to thank Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby for sharing his point of view about my article on ADHD where I applied a universal law to the labels that medicine and psychology stick on people. Another thank you to Peter Shepherd for sharing his thoughts based on his mind development work. Open dialogues improve communication and knowledge for all of us. I welcome comments from readers -- shoot me an email at my email address with your comments. Or post them on this blog.

Secondly, you need to know I have spent 30 years bringing into focus a New Psychology. My approach offers people who are interested, a new paradigm. I have never been satisfied with the current effectiveness of psychology or medicine. See and study the huge difference between the New Psychology and the Old Psychology.

The New Psychology has a holistic approach, which means it addresses the mind-body-spirit as one, whole, energy system. We do not focus on symptoms, such as allergies, ADHD or schizophrenia. As Jay Haley said," Schizophrenia is no excuse for anything!" Neither are allergies or ADHD.

The New Psychology goes to the root cause, the source, the beginning. The bottom-line is where we focus, looking for effective solutions. We help each adult or child use more of their natural talents and inherent abilities. Activating a person's unique skills and innate strengths is the remedy for imbalances in the whole mind-body-spirit system.

It does not matter what symptom or label a person has, the solution is to build up the authentic self, the inner core so that a person's energy flow is stronger and healthier. This improves all physical health, emotional health and mental health.

To achieve success, a person learns to tell the difference between the energy of the authentic self and the energy of the maladaptive, learned self. If you want to learn to differentiate these energies, study and work with the self help audio, cds and ebook, "Opening the Heart". This knowledge empowers you to self help success.

This is yet another reason, besides the reality that energy follows thought, to question the labels placed on you by medicine or psychology. When you take on a label, such as ADHD, you enter a very sticky place that is hard to shift energetically. Your true identity, your authentic self, is replaced by an outside definition, ADHD.

To say that a label must be received in order to get the help you need, is faulty thinking. This false belief goes back to when men decided to stop killing the witches. Over a period of 300 years, 7-11 million women were killed. These medicine women had effective herbs and knowledge about how to heal the body and mind. This zealous elimination of medicine women was the moment medicine lost its way and it has yet to recover.

This historic slaughter gradually began to cease because Johan Weyer convinced the authorities that witches were crazy. Here we have distorted thinking. We must proclaim you crazy, so we can stop killing you. Does that sound logical? Of course not.

This type of thinking is still present today in the way a label such as ADHD is considered to be necessary in order for the Dr. to help him. Does that sound rational? Of course not.

While we are fortunate Johan found a way to break up this out of control, hysterical behavior in 1563, we need more rational arguments today. Let us look logically upon our past. The so called witches were not the ones who were crazy. No, the men who believed these women had really been sleeping with the devil were full blown psychotic.

Everyone needs help. I frequently say, "I need all the help I can get." However, I do not need any diagnostic label in order to get my needs meet. I am sure medical doctors need all the help they can get. Every adult and child in this world can get the help that is available by seeking, asking and receiving. ADHD labels are not a prerequisite.

The root cause of most physical, mental or emotional problems is some sort of inhibition. Stopping a child's natural healthy energy from flowing in the first place is the beginning of symptoms such as ADHD, allergies and hyperactivity. The major aspects of the real self that we inhibit are body movements, emotional expression and sexuality. If you want to learn how to achieve healthy emotional expression study, “Opening the Heart.”

With any stimulus - whether it is a behavior, a person, a germ, a food - you have two choices. You either avoid the judgment, which is likely to make you weaker. Or face the irritation and meet it as an equal. Avoidance behaviors weaken your body and energy field. This statement is based on the huge body of learning research that exists on classical conditioning, operant conditioning and modeling.

It is not hard to learn how to notice your body and how it responds to stimuli. Or to notice your children and how they respond to their environment. Child with ADHD or other labels need help from adults because they do not have the power to change their environment.

If you do not know how to sense your own body, you can learn and then teach your children. Start by studying the self help audio “Hear Your Body Talking।” Your body knows what makes you stronger and what makes you weaker.

Applied Kinesiology research is also well documented. See for yourself if your muscles become weaker when you think of yourself as a person with ADHD or schizophrenia. Try it and see. Thinking of myself as a person with allegories certainty does not make my muscles stronger.

Allergies are not the source of ADHD or any other problem. Allergies are a symptom of a deeper problem. ADHD is the symptom of a deeper problem. The source is the place the New Psychology or holistic psychology goes to for solutions. We want to improve self esteem, build up vital energy in every cell, especially in the nervous system and brain. We show people how to relate effectively and equally to physical reality.

My message to you is loud and clear. You are strong, physically strong, emotionally strong and mentally strong. You have the inner strengths you need to succeed. There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with you or your child.

If someone labels you mentally retarded, ADHD or borderline personality, take yourself to task and become the best you that you can be. If you are missing a chromosome, have strange DNA or chemistry that others are not knowledgeable about - believe in yourself.

Do not believe in medicine or psychology or authorities who think they know more than you do. Your inner voice is the only authority to listen to, and listen deeply.

Seek help from others, because everyone need experts to help us though our bumpy lives. Use Keith, Doris, Peter and other experts to help you - as needed. However, it is not for us to tell you the answer or give you a label.

Our job is to help you recognize, love and follow your own inner knowing. Otherwise you will be lost at sea without a paddle.

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist, Director of the Center for New Psychology, author of the self help audio, CDs and ebook, "Opening the Heart" and host of the radio show, "Live at the Edge."

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