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Valentine's Day Gift - Reduce Anxiety for Sexual Health

Overcoming Anxiety Naturally In Time for Valentine's Day

by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

It is Valentine's Day and you feel relaxed and loving. As you move closer to your partner and touch her with love and desire, she stiffens up and moves away from you.

Quickly she gets involved in some activity. It could be attending to the new baby or cleaning up the dishes or looking out the window. Or perhaps he starts talking about something else, anything to distract. You say to yourself, “OK, it's not a good time” and accept it like a mature adult.

What if he or she continues to move away from you over and over again? Time to face the truth, your partner is rarely loving and relaxed. A new father, recently wrote me about his wife’s lack of interest in intimacy and sex. Unfortunately he is not alone. Many women and men suffer in silence with a partner who avoids sexual intimacy.

So what is going on ? The reason there is such a scarcity of good lovers in this world is due to a real problem, with a real solution.

If your partner avoids loving, sexual encounters, I would bet my 30 years of clinical experience in sexual health, he is too anxious to slow down and be with you. Anxiety is the major, bottom line, real problem. Anxiety is the major block to good sexual health.

There are 9.1 million Americans, 18 to 54, who suffer from anxiety disorders. This makes anxiety the most common mental health problem in the USA. Here is a link which tells you how many people are diagnosed with anxiety disorders in your country.

These numbers do not include the millions who have not been labeled with an official diagnosis. The millions who have trouble sitting down and relaxing under a cherry tree all afternoon long in the sun. The millions who cannot rest their body and mind so they can enjoy the moment, the day, the light and sexual health activities.

Here are 8 Signs of Anxiety

1--Breathing stops up high in your chest

2-Thoughts are obsessive, racing or telling you all the things you should do

3 -Physical body is too tight and tense or too fat and loose

4-Unable to sit still and be in the moment without activities such as reading, watching TV, talking

5-Not aware of your physical body

6- Not aware of the area around your body

7- Hyperventilating - gasping for air though your mouth

8- Startle response to any situation in your environment

When you let your anxiety take over and ruin your day, you are feeding fuel to all your other problems. Your anxiety is sure to get worse with each passing day, resulting in serious mental health, emotional health and physical health problems. Anxiety totally destroys sexual health. Nervous energy not only diminishes the quality of your life, but it causes many major physical diseases which cannot be easily corrected.

Legal or illegal anti- anxiety drugs are dangerous and psychotherapy is extremely limited in its ability to relax the body and nervous system. You need effective, safe anxiety help which teaches you to relax and get turned on. There are real solutions available for overcoming anxiety naturally. Valentine's Day and your sexual health are at stake!

8 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Naturally

You can Learn to:

1-Consciously breathe fully into the bottom of your lungs

2-Calm your mind by taming your out of control thoughts

3-Pay attention to your emotional needs and meet them

4-Practice sitting still in silence without any activity such as reading, talking

5-Get and give physical touch to self and others

6-Look around you and pay attention to what is outside of you

7-Breathe through your nose and shut your mouth to stop hyperventilating

8-Reduce chronic anxiety with daily relaxation practices

For specific step by step anxiety natural help take the new, affordable online course, Overcoming Anxiety Naturally.

Couples need to share time together relaxed, hanging out by the lake, doing nothing. Then loving touches, without expectations, can spontaneously manifest and bloom, making your Valentine Day a memory of Love instead of a memory of anxiety and avoidance.

Overcoming Anxiety Naturally, is a new, affordable anxiety online course offered by holistic psychologist, Dr. Doris Jeanette

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