Friday, December 07, 2007

Could anxiety be the cause of violence in teenagers?

If adults, teenagers and children do not deal with the high levels of anxiety in their body and nervous system in a healthy fashion, violence can be the result.

Some people act out their judgmental attacks on others and some people act in their judgmental attacks on themselves. Some people do both.

Let us look at a teenager in Omaha, Nebraska. Suppose he could not take the negative thoughts about himself any longer. Suppose he was looking for a way to stop the attacking thoughts. Suppose he become violent first against others and then against himself. Violence can take many forms such as suicide or killing others.

Anxiety is the source problem for many symptoms. Anxiety is caused by self rejecting, judgmental thoughts toward the self.

As our society becomes more anxious, we can expect to see more violence unless something is done to reduce anxiety. Drugs do not reduce anxiety, they mask the problem. The only way to reduce anxiety is to deal directly with the out of control energy before it does harm to self or others.

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