Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Write to De-Fang Your Inner Critic

My dear friend, Emily Hanlon, best selling author of "Petersburg," loves to call the learned, controlling ego part of you--- the Inner Critic. We both know that everyone has an Inner Critic that needs to be tamed and de-fanged.

Do you know your Inner Critic?

Or does your Inner Critic run the show without you knowing the damage it is doing to your body, heart and soul?

If you don't know your Inner Critic then it is succeeding in its mission to stop your laughter, your pleasure and enjoyment of everyday life.

The Inner Critic can stop you from making love, finishing a book, or completing a business deal. It can create disease, misery and depression. The nasty thoughts delivered non-stop by your Inner Critic need to be exposed in order for you to tame it and de-fang it.

The first step in taming and de-fanging your Inner Critic is to be able to recognize its unhealthy energy as separate from the healthy energy in your psyche.

In my 34 years of teaching people how to recognize their nasty thoughts I know that some of you do not want to expose your Inner Critic. You do not want to admit that you have one!

This is a self sabotage strategy that the Inner Critic executes so that it can continue to stay in control and keep you from playing and being free. You have to expose your own Inner Critic in order to overcome it.

If you are ready to expose your Inner Critic, writing down your thoughts and feelings is a good starting point. Writing can help you pay attention to your nasty thoughts. So start a journal or get back to writing in your journal.

Journaling will help you expose your Inner Critic so you can then take step two in de-fanging this monster. Step two is learning how to take away its energy and power over you. Stay tuned for more about step two next week.


The Center for New Psychology
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