Tuesday, October 05, 2004


“All we are saying, is Give Peace a Chance” still gives me goose bumps when I write it, say it and mean it. The Peace Movement in the USA sang this John Lennon chant repeatedly during the Viet man war. Seems like a reasonable and simple thing really. Peace. Peace of Mind. Peace in our relationships. Peace at home. Peace in our world.

However, when we try to achieve peace of mind within our own mind, it is not as easy as it might first appear. As I say, it takes an “ACE”.

It takes an Active Conscious Effort, to ride beyond our conditioned responses to a higher level of functioning. Humanity must make this shift if we want to survive.

I have been convinced for years that the only way people can do damage to self or others is when they are in an unconscious state.

When we are conscious of our body and our breath, it is impossible to act “crazy”. If we are aware, we simply do not have any need to kill or destroy, without due consideration.

Looking at the energy of George W. Bush, we see energy that is tight, inflexible, brittle, hard, irrational and obsessive. His energy was not healthy before 9/11 and it has become increasingly more stagnant since that event.

Given that Bush’s energy is not sentient or grounded, this means that his energy is out of control. When out of control behaviors occur in leaders, the results are devastating.

His hysterical, blaming thoughts and victim mentality has resulted in the loss of lives, cultures, dignities, history, buildings and money. Most importantly of all, it has resulted in the loss of trust. By reacting, with his low level conditioned responses, he has made the global mess worse.

Attacks are never justified. American attacks are no more justified than terrorist’s attacks. They are equal and exactly the same energy.

Unfortunately, many American are still not aware that Bush’s energy is out of control. What this means is that they are not ware of their own out of control energy. As a result, they are blind to his.

I have written Op Ed articles about the psychological energy of Bush but none of them have ever been published. So I say to all of you----- see, hear, smell, taste and feel your own out of control energy so that you can see it in yourself and then see it in others.

Do not be afraid to see the truth. We must improve the global mess instead of making it worse. Each of us must do our part to expose the Inner Emperor Without any Clothes.

When you see out of control energy in yourself, do not allow it to ruin the show. Even more importantly, do not attack it.

Instead, get underneath The Reaction; go down into your nervous system and psyche. Find the anxiety, panic and real fear that has been held there for centuries. Then give the fearful part of yourself exactly what you need to calm down and feel secure.

Each time we love and accept our inner realities, we are improving the global mess. We are advancing humanity.

So let us all participate by “Seeing” this out of control energy for what it is. Most importantly, let us be compassionate toward this energy whether it is in Self, Saddam or Bush. It is up to us to stop all harmful behaviors by stopping our attack upon it.

Let us all join together and use our intent to “See” that which is in the highest good for all people on the planet.

Please join us in USA as we elect our new president. Please see the Highest Good Being Done.

See it Clearly in Your Peaceful Mind and Loving Heart and Present Body,

Doris Jeanette

Copyright, October, 2004, Doris Jeanette
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