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Learn the Difference Between Judgment and Real Freedom

From the Newsletter, The Vibrant Moment, published by the Center for the New Psychology, Director, Dr. Doris Jeanette


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I got more responses from last months' newsletter than I have all year. Thank you to everyone who wrote me about how it affected you. Please keep your wisdom and comments coming.

Let us continue to increase our awareness of energy so that we know when we are being judgmental and when we are not being judgmental. Then we will be able to recognize the parts of self that keep us from enjoying life.

As with all energy awareness, we must begin with our self. After all, when we look, we naturally see through the haze of our own energy field. Our haze can seriously distort our perception. So first, we need to sense our own judgment.

1-Judgment is used when we want to control a person or situation.

We judge when we are insecure, anxious and frightened. We try to control as a means of avoiding, instead of dealing with the truth. The truth being that we are anxious and frightened.

2-To Judge something or someone as “good” is as controlling as it is to judge someone or something as “bad”.

From what we know of learning theory, and we know a lot, praise is even more effective in controlling us than punishment.

Consequently, we have been conditioned into "good girls" and "good boys" so effectively that we go along with mass consciousness without questioning the thoughts that are in our own brain. This creates serious problems.

Judgments throughout the millenniums have successfully brainwashed us into following the lemmings over the cliff. We would not be destroying our selves, our own water and air supply if we were more alert.

The energy dynamics of judgment are such that when we condemn, we remove ourselves from what is happening around us. When we disapprove of anything, we separate ourselves from it by being above it or below it. We are no longer relating equally to the person or situation.

This means that we have removed ourselves from the vibrating energy around our physical body so that we cannot receive the vital information that surrounds us. This separation creates a massive mess.

Our energy has left the body and retreated northward. This is the reason judgmental energy is so effective in stopping sexual and loving activities dead cold. Nothing can happen that is warm and fuzzy.

Judgment is mental energy that consists of thoughts. It is composed of obsessive, beta brain waves. This is one way to tell when we are being judgmental; we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again!! Or, saying the same words repeatedly.

This disapproving energy is mental energy that exists without being connected to the heart. As a result, it is dangerous. I have been calling it "Hitler Energy” for years. Mental energy attacks and strikes out at whatever it is judging.

Condemnatory energy can be recognized by its physical qualities. It is rigid, brittle, heavy, tight, thick, stagnant, dark, stiff and flimsy. These qualities are the exact opposite of natural, free, flowing energy.

We can easily see how judgmental energy destroys our ability to have vibrant moments. Vibrant Moments can only occur when we have energy in our body.

My wish for the New Year is that the lucky people who live on planet earth may become more conscious of their unhealthy, judgmental energy.

May we choose to relax and let our juicy energy connect us intimately with each other and with physical reality.

It’s so much more fun to love than to judge.

Enjoy your holidays.

Doris Jeanette

(c) Copyright, December 15, 2004, Doris Jeanette
Members Speak:

Robin I. Cushner

I want to share with you some of my November newsletter in response to the myriad of emails I'd received after the election. Whoa! There was lots of fear and anger!

The past two weeks have strongly represented the secret Laws of
Nature, the spiritual teachings that date back beyond ancient Egypt and made known by the great philosopher, Hermes.

The Principle of Rhythm (there is always an action and a reaction; a swing forward and a swing backward; night into day and into night, again).and the Principle of Cause and Effect (nothing happens by chance).

What if it does need to get "darkest before the dawn"? It is not up to us to determine how dark it must get before the dawn. Indeed, we must believe in the Divine Plan, that the dawn does come, whether in small measures everyday or in larger, what some refer to as, miracles. To me, they are all miraculous. And, the dawn does come Everyday.

Find your Light and let it shine. Remember your Spirit!

Pat MasiI

I'm currently in England visiting our youngest daughter who works here. Your piece on not judging the judgment hit and helped on several levels.


I love what you are writing. I have been saying something similar to my students for the past two weeks.


Thank you for this one especially, Dr. J -- your words are so smart & truly inspiriting.

Reuven BenYuhmin Taiwan

"We lovingly embrace diversity, nature and sexuality. We are bringing increased sanity and wholeness to all the people who inhabit Earth."

Those few words (quoted from November’s Vibrant Moment Newsletter) suggest what is and was missing from politics--American or not-- and what's needed as you say to make a saner, wiser and happier world.

Best blessings as always.

Hilary Taub

Thank you so much for your latest The Vibrant Moment newsletter. You always have so much "heart" projecting out into the world at any moment. I wish more people were like you and believed as you do that judgments do not produce anything productive and usually come from a place of self-doubt and are self-taught by our parents. They become our "tapes" later in life.

Name missing

Keep your politics to yourself!!!! Talk about being judgmental!! Typical liberal hypocrite.

Two Wolves,

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life.
"A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.
"It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One is evil-filled with
anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego."

"The other is good -filled with joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,
humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith."

"This same fight is going on inside of you - and inside of every other

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked,
"Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee replied, "The one you feed."

This is why we should not forget to water our Spiritual garden; because Spiritual growth and understanding supercedes all things. Without it are dead even when breathing.

Cooking and Loving from Linda

I’m in the middle of cooking and the house smells heavenly. Cultures and families blend in my kitchen. There are recipes from our various travels, and old favorites from each of our families. Mike’s making his grandmother’s walnut stuffing, and I’m blending ricotta for my grandmother’s Italian cheesecake. My son is coming home from college and already my daughter is planning to make her famous Death Strike Brownies, a sinful indulgence of chocolate that sends you to heaven and hell in a single bite. It’s her brother’s favorite and I am tickled that she want to make them for him.

As I was cooking and remembering, I remembered you – all the friends I love, most of you I won’t get to celebrate with – and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for being part of my life and let you know you’ve been sitting in my kitchen with me (even though you probably didn’t even know it!).

Here’s to you and us and all the good times that were and are yet to
be. Together or apart, you walk with me and live in my heart.

(Editors comments: I love this Linda, thank you for sharing it with us. I feel so close to my mother when I am cooking, it is a way to be with her when I am not. May you all be nourished by food, love and closeness for your holidays)

Copyrighted, Doris Jeanette, December, 2004
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