Monday, April 11, 2005

De-Fang Your Inner Critic

Holistic Psychology helps you:

De-Fang Your Inner Critic,
Emily Hanlon, Best Selling Author of Petersburg,
Will Show You How to Find Your Sanity and Creativity

Studies have shown that writing is a healthy way to deal with anxiety, depression and loss. According to Emily Hanlon, you can write your way to your soul so that your whole life becomes a spiritual journey. You can find meaning and purpose.

Holistic Health psychologist, Dr. Doris Jeanette will be hosting Emily on her monthly mental health teleseminar. Anyone can listen in on the international phone bridge and learn how to reduce anxiety and depression by writing down their thoughts and feelings.

“It is essential to find healthy ways to reduce anxiety and depression instead of looking to drugs for answers,” says licensed psychologist, Doris Jeanette. “Writing down what in going on inside of us is a much better solution than acting out our mental confusion by killing someone or killing ourselves. Children and adults need to write.”

Not only is Emily Hanlon a best selling author, she is an expert in showing people how to deal with what is in their unconscious. She is known for her ability to de-fang the Inner Critic at the International Women’s Writing, Guild Summer conference at Skidmore College.

Dr. Jeanette has thirty years of experience helping people reduce their anxiety and depression.” I find that people who write about their feelings make faster progress and Emily Hanlon is a great writing teacher.” Learn more by visiting Emily's Web site which has been honored by Writers Digest.

Emily Hanlon will be teaching You How to Find Your Creative Voice on Dr. Jeanette’s Teleseminar, Thursday, April 21, at 7:00pm EST. For more information and to sign up visit now

The Holistic Health Center for the New Psychology offers monthly mental health teleseminars, anxiety groups and nature workshops teaching people healthy ways to reduce depression and anxiety.

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