Friday, June 03, 2005

Use Astrology to Make Life Easier

Stop Talking and Blaze Through Obstacles,
Use Documented Facts from Astrology to Make Life Easier

People spend millions of dollars year after year in psychotherapy talking and talking. Is it possible that one well-executed astrological reading could tell you more about your natural talents and innate energy than all those years of Talk Therapy? The Priests of Babylon documented fascinating information that can tell you about the gifts with which you were born.

Many Talk Therapists end up reinforcing your negative behavior and false beliefs by letting you talk about them repeatedly over and over again. I prefer to reinforce your natural talents and inner strengths.

Astrology is one of many effective ways to acknowledge and access the human potential that is uniquely yours.

I am thrilled to have noted NYC astrologer Shelley Ackerman who writes for The NY Post, The NY Daily News and Sports Illustrated for Women, as my guest June 27th, 7:00 eastern, on my holistic psychology teleseminar. Read more about what you learn and

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