Friday, October 28, 2005

How To Allow Room for Vibrant Moments

** The Vibrant Moment **
Brought to you by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Enhancement Speaker, Peak Performance Coach

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Greetings Vibrant Moment Seekers,

I was the sunlight hitting the rushing water, bouncing off the river in unknown directions with perfect rhythm. My physical body was sitting on the solid rock
energy at the edge of the river, as I glazed though the group of people that
had joined me for a Nature Workshop in the Forest.

But I was the sunlight making love to the water and earth.
I was simmering energy, glittering energy, a ray of light
and the whole river environs at the same time.
And I was the person sitting on the rock tripping on
these wondrous sensations.

I'm not ashamed to say that this is what I live for......peak experiences.
I love them, so I live my life in such a way that
I make room for vibrant moments.

i believe you deserve to have your fair share of vibrant moments.
So I am coaching you in the art of the matter and the science of spirit.

It does not matter how long your life is,
it only matters how much you enjoy it!

So I want to wake you up and turn you on so that
you enjoy more of the moments of your life.

How did I become the sunlight?

It is so simple you will have trouble believing the answer.
Yet it is simple.
All you have to do is let go of control.

However, this is the hardest, scariest, most difficult thing
for civilized, controlled, conditioned humans to do.

Yes indeedy. We have been brainwashed and trained not to
relax and be in our bodies in the moment.

Therefore, we usually have to be pushed to the wall,
killed on the love scene or pushed over the cliff to get it.

Letting go of control does not come easy to
Homo sapiens, sapiens. Nope.

However, I am sure that if enough of us do join the
Vibrant Moment
Club that our species
can survive.

I am dedicated to achieving this goal.
To save
Homo's from extinction, I need your help.

So friends from all over the world unite with me and start having more
vibrant moments. Do it now before it is too late.

You can get cancer tomorrow, lose your partner tonight,
kill yourself in a car next week.

Do it now......

To help you get started:

First use your intention to live more fully and richly.
You have to really mean it deep in your heart
or your intention will not be effective.

Second, make a conscious choose to let go of the way that you control yourself.
This is what makes room for vibrant moments to happen.

Vibrant Moments happen spontaneously in the moment, you cannot
will them or make them happen.

I assure you that they will not happen doing
what you have already been doing....
it has to be new and

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