Saturday, September 24, 2005

Healhty Ways to Deal with Natural Disasters

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Greetings Vibrant Moment Seekers,

Due to Mother's Roar here in America we need
to be reminded that Mother Earth Knows Best.

Humans who resist and try to control Nature have little
chance of surviving.


Human Denial is losing ground. Our Mother is
using her forces of nature to cleanse and heal herself.

The only way you can take care of yourself is
to pay attention to what is really happening outside of you.

That means those of us who have been transforming our frozen
energy, working on using more of our mind and learning to
live in our bodies are in much
better shape than most humans.

We are ready and perpared.

Psychologically healthy people accept reality, change and
adjust to what is happening around them. They are flexible,
creative and resourceful.

The more in your body and in tune with gravity, the more
likely you are to respond appropriately to any real danger.

This means that you are psychologically healthy.
This also means that you will respond appropriately to
any given situation.

I have been taking people, in self help groups,
into the Forest for
over 20 years.

These Nature Workshops have helped
me be able to stay grounded in the city and
they have helped many other people
listen to and learn from Mother Earth.

Being in tune with physical reality prepares us for
anything that
might happen.

We must be relaxed in body.
Clear in Mind.
And awake, paying attention to inside
and outside realities.

Here is a Tip Sheet to help prepare you for the future.

Tip Sheet - Healthy Ways to Deal with Natural Disasters

1- Be willing to let go of material things and objects
2- Relax and trust your basic instincts
3- Accept what is happening and work with it
4 Trust that Mother Nature knows best and is bigger and smarter than you
5- Do not waste time blaming, complaining, fighting or trying to control the outcome
6- Pay attention to the forces of nature, being in tune with them, helps you survive
7- Pat attention to your real fear, let it guide you out of danger into safety
8- Use the Laws of Nature, such as gravity, to help you survive
9- Trust the feelings in your body and your intuition
10- Learn from the event so that next time you can be more comfortable and effective

If you have trouble with any of the the above, seek help from people who have these psychologically healthy skills. Follow them, let them lead the way. Learn from the people who are in touch with gravity, energy, flow and Mother Earth.

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D is a licensed psychologist, pioneer in holistic psychology and author of A Natural Process for Opening the Heart, your emotional guide to insanity. Studying it will give you the tools you need to survive With Feelings and Real Fear to Help you.

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