Monday, January 16, 2006

The Vibrant Moment

** The Vibrant Moment **
Brought to you by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
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The Vibrant Moment Contents:
1- Creative Marketing Workshop at Doylestown Hospital
2-I have a Dream of Love Circling the Earth
3-A Contest, the first: Post Your Love Cards and Win
4-Where you can meet and learn from Dr. J.

Ok Vibrant Moment Seekers,

We are all floating around
in the same big, giant soup bowl.
Nice feeling isn't it?
If the carrot close to you is sweet.

However, if that carrot is bitter and grumpy.
It isn't so nice.

I have a dream. (Here in USA-- Martin
Luther King had a Dream and I decided to
release this newlsetter in honor of
his Celebration today, Jan. 16, 2006)

My dream:
A big, giant delicious soup
that is tasty and cozy for most of us
to experience life in.....

We need to upgrade our current
polluted mixture to
a really tasty soup.

I see some of us,
those who are conscious and aware,
manifesting a circle of love that goes round
and round my beloved Mother Earth.

Each of us Vibrant Moment
Seekers with our light and love energy
can reach out and
connect with each other.

we have the power to do.

We are the ones that start this circle of love
and we are the ones that keep it going.

We are creating a circle of real love the goes
around the globe and connects us with
each other in physical reality and in meta-
physical reality.

You do know, don't you, that
the energy you send out--comes back to you
and hits you in the back
of the head don't you?

It does. So our love will come back and hit
us in the back of the head.
Yummy, yummmmmmy.......
Send out Love
Get it Back.

One of my friends likes to tease me about having
global vision. This ex-priest, now
corporate vice president, is very funny.

Even tho I do not like to be teased,
his observations are accurate.

I do have global vision
and that is what
I want you to partake of with this
upcoming special event:

Love Day.

Love Day is coming.

Not that every day can't be a Love Day.
But Valentine's Day here in the USA
is a lovely time to celebrate
real, true love.

I want you to post valentine cards on my
blog, right this minute
by clicking on
Tell me what you love.
How you love.
And how it feels
to love.

The first Love Card is from a member of this group
who sent me a lovely postcard of his image, love and
poem. If you have not taken the time to
view it please do now:

From ........

Let his love inspire you to
open your heart and love more.

The most heart warming love note post on my blog,
(as determined by the degrees to which my heart warms)
will receive a free copy of
"A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide
to Self Esteem" which teaches you how to open your heart so
more vital energy can move in and out of your body, thereby
connecting you to others. In addition to this valuable prize,
the winner gets to pick any free CD out of the 10 that are listed at,
(If the winner already owns "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-
Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" then you pick 3 CD's for your prize.)

This Love Note Contest ends on Feb. 14th.
So get excited about expressing yourself and
sending love-posts to the world.
Dig deep into your
heart for a valentine post that makes
our world wide soup more
and delicious.

Keep them simple, sweet and short. Or post a link
to a graphic or longer version on the Enjoy Life

Remember that romantic posts are not any
more valuable than any other kind of love note.

I am going to send you a Love Card next
time to my Beloved Trees.

We are going to create my Dream.

A circle of love that goes around the
world and keeps us safe and sane
and our beloved Mother Earth healthy and strong.

Copyright, Doris Jeanette, 2006
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