Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Love Card From The Universe To All Humans

Enjoy LIfe


by Kaz Malone
Open your hearts, let me fill them with Love,
Open your hearts, let me show you, my gifts from above.
You are beautiful and Loving, a gift of True Love,
Please open your hearts, let me fill them with Love.
Words from the past, are all which have gone,
Words from my heart, are all which are to be,
Please open your hearts and share them with me,
As I open my heart and share it with you.
People have hurt us all in the past,
Please let us give them a second chance.
You can create your own future, with your thoughts and your hearts,
Only if we open our hearts and fill them with Love,
Love for each other, so True and so Free.
Please, let not the past affect you and me,
For if we open our hearts,
Our Love will endure Eternity.
Dear Dr Jeanette,
This is a poem I wrote on March 27th, I had to send it to you via my other Email address to get the affects of the Sun Rays shing down for us from above.
I would greatly appreciate any possible notification of me winning your much needed CD
for my Partner, and Myself to be sent to
Thanking you in great anticipation,
Yours Faithfully
Kaz Malone

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