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Vibrant Moment - A Universal Law Applied to ADHD

Vibrant Moment - A Universal Law Applied to ADHD and Other Mental Health Labels

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Vibrant Moment

The Consequences Of Using Any Label Such as ADHD

by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

 A young mother recently asked me this question, "My kindergarten age son was just diagnosed with ADHD. I'd love to know your thoughts about ADHD. Is it an actual condition or just another way of perceiving and interacting with the world? First, I am going to deal with the consequences of using the label
ADHD and save the perception and learning aspect for a later article. In addition, I am interested in how Peter Shepard, the editor of Metamorphosis and author of Mind Development would answer this question. Given his work in brain and mind development his input could be very valuable. Stay tuned because I am interviewing Peter on my radio show, "Live at the Edge", in October because you are going to learn some interesting, exciting ways to develop your mind and help creative children. Check out Peters work with mind development He teaches you how to use more of your brain and mind for self improvment.

Here is my point of view as a holistic psychologist to all mothers and children who are face to face with a diagnosis from a professional. Any diagnosis or label, such as ADHD, is unhealthy for children or for adults. No matter what your son’s actual behavior, a label is sure to stick him, for life, with a negative identify. The ADHD label puts him in a straight jacket which is difficult to transform into something positive.

I know many people disagree with me and think that a label is wonderful because the name, “ADHD”, finally tells you what is “wrong “ with you or with your child. However, I see a label such as ADHD, as the kiss of death because there is probably nothing “wrong” with you or your child in the first place.

Second, consider a universal law that is very helpful to know and keep in mind: Energy follows Thought. This law applies to all past and future DSM categories. This means what you think is what you create. if you think of yourself as ADHD you become ADHD. If you think of yourself as a loser, you become a loser. If you think of yourself as unable to concentrate, viola, you cannot concentrate.

So I say loud and clear, stay away from all labels like a plague. Never follow the latest trends that psychologists or psychiatrists make popular in any time period. During my internship in 1975, the popular mental illness diagnosis in hospitals was chronic, undifferentiated schizophrenia. Shocked me over and over again when every male coming into our New Jersey hospital ward was suddenly a CUS. Baylor University in Texas, where I got my Psy.D was obviously, behind the times. In Texas, we did not have any chronic, undifferentiated schizophrenia people on our wards--yet.

In the same time period, outside of mental hospitals, there was the new and exciting, catch- all category that was sure to please everyone. Therapists were complete failures in helping a group of people move forward. Suddenly, a new label was urgently needed. After-all, therapists certainly could not be blamed for not knowing how to help this particular type of person, who was usually a woman. This needy, helpfulness woman who did not improve with our treatments had to be held accountable for her" faults." A new diagnosis was the obvious answer to this professional crisis.

Consequently, all female clients who did not respond to current treatments became the infamous, outrageously popular-- borderline personality. When you take a look at it, the entire DSM manual is based on mental judgments which have a strong, very strong-- straight, white, male bias. This judgmental bias is unhealthy and needs to be eliminated. For more information about the ineffectiveness of the old, traditional psychology visit Center for New Psychology.

Consider that it was as late as 1973 when same sex love was freed of its mental illness identity. When you look at the history of modern medicine and psychology, you find both of these male dominated fields have done more harm than good over the last 100 years. Read Love at Goon Park (Harry Harrow and the Science of Affection)
by: Deborah Blum. Buy this book Blum reveals how medicine and psychology ruined so many children's lives because mothers choose to listen to M.D.s and Ph.D.'s, instead of their own heart.

I would like to keep mothers from being lead astray any longer. Loving, strong mothers know what is best for their children. As a mother, you know best. Of course, you must be able to tell the difference between your own false beliefs and the inner truths that exist in your heart. As you listen to yourself and to your child, real answers to real problems are discovered or created. To learn how to listen to your own heart and follow your inner wisdom study,“A Natural Process for Opening the Heart- Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem.”

In conclusion, a heavy label like ADHD, must be evaluated by its effectiveness. Does an ADHA label actually do anything to improve a child’s behavior or personality? Does it help a child cope better or perform better? Honestly, we have to say, no. Labels do absolutely nothing to help anyone use more of their human potential.

Consequently, I recommend paying attention to healthy, flowing energy. Healthy energy is easy to find in all babies and children. Babies have much more vital energy than adults or professionals.

Back to your son, if I knew his exact behaviors, thoughts or feelings I could evaluate what is going on with him more accurately. Does he behave in such a way that he gets into trouble? Is
he unaware of others? Does he have anxiety in his nervous system that keeps him from doing his best? Perhaps he needs a mind body, holistic psychology program that teaches him to use his strengths. Then he can develop the skills he needs to adjust into a group setting with others. We all need help from outside sources.

Know that you, as his mother, can get the help you need and you can find the help he needs. I always recommend focusing on strengths and I never recommend using drugs, legal or illegal.

Remember that universal law? If you identity with your healthy energy, then you become healthy. If you help your son stay in touch with his true, authentic identity he will be just fine. For example, if you think of yourself as a strong, loving mother, you become a strong, loving mother.

If you help your son see himself as a creative genus, he becomes a creative genus. How nice does that sound to your ears and your heart?

Copyrighted, doris Jeanette, September 2006

Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist, a expert and author of "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem," highly praised and used by Elisabeth Kubler- Ross, MD in her later years. Available as tapes, CDs or ebook Order A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem --3 self help tapes, CDs or ebook


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