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The Vibrant Moment -- Wake Me Up and Turn Me On

** The Vibrant Moment ** Wake Me Up and Turn Me On

Brought to you by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

Holistic Psychologist, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker

Teaching the Secret Power of Effectiveness, Energy and Emotions

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The Vibrant Moment Contents:

1--Jean Houston, Peak Experiences and More....
2--New internet radio show, 'Live at the Edge'
3--Tip: Stop doing the same ole thing.
4- August 3, Center City Philadelphia, Marketing
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The Vibrant Moment -- Wake Me Up and Turn Me On

Being fully alive is not for everyone, only for special souls who want more out of life. 'The Vibrant Moment' brings you tips, tools and inspiration so you develop the courage to 'Live at the Edge.'

I don't like talk therapy because it frequently produces more boring moments, not less. Once I had a psychology professor actually say that 'Happiness cannot be measured and researched so do not ever tell your patient that you can make them happy, you can't. That is not possible.'

I said to myself, 'Oh, no, that was the only reason I was interested in being a psychologist.' My heart sank. Then something inside of me continued, 'He is wrong, I am going to do it my way. I want to be happy and I know I can help others do the same.'

I kept this promise to myself and found my own inner happiness henceforth, I can help you find yours. Back to talk therapy, it is limited because it keeps you talking, traps you in your head and sometimes reinforces your problems.

Instead, I get excited and turned on to my own mind, energy flow, body and emotions.

I want to help you use more of your mind body spirit for something positive, fun and uplifting.

This is the reason I teach you how to develop your body and emotional self so you can achieve peak performance at work and at play. I want your life to be full of peak experiences, meaning adventures and loving relationships.

As my friend Amit Goswami, Ph.D. said when we were teaching together at the University for Global Well-Being in Sweden, 'Consciousness is the ground of being.'

This means that your consciousness is everything. Your awareness is All. So never stop expanding and increasing your awareness. Become more aware of your mind and body and feelings.

My purpose in life is to improve mass consciousness, the mass consciousness which is putting human waste in my air and my water, by cleaning up one energy field at a time. I always start with my own. So you need to start with yours.

Let your goal be to increase your awareness day by day, breath by breath. For guidance in exactly how to become more aware of the difference between healthy and unhealthy energy in your body---study, read, listen to-- Order A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem --3 self help tapes, CDs or ebook. Self Help Product

Those of us who are awake and turned on can make a difference! We can stop the insane act of putting human waste into our air and water.

My first mind blowing Peak Experience as an adult, was in India at the Tai Maj in 1983. I was traveling with Jean Houston, Ph.D. Jean, if you do not know her, she became famous as Hillary Clifton's adviser in the 90's. The unconscious press accused her of doing seances at the White House. Jean Houston is a strong women who I call, the Mother of the Human Potential Movement.

This is what Jean said about me a year after we came back from India, 'Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the edge of her known map, and come back with the means to tame monsters.' I am honored to receive such a compliment.

Jean was a much needed strong woman in my life who inspired me to continue being me. I hope to do the same for you.

Listen to my new internet radio show to hear more about Jean Houston and peak experiences. International people can listen to 'Live at the Edge' around the world for free.

I want to leave you with one thing to think about, remember and put into practice.

STOP Doing the same old thing.

What you have been doing does not work. You must do something new, something different.

To transform energy you have to relax more than you ever have before. You cannot just relax the same way you have always relaxed. You have to go deeper, let go of more tension, let go of more control before you can experience something new.

This means that you are going to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is part of the natural process that you have to face if you want to Live at the Edge.

Tis not for everyone.

Tis for you, if you are going to use your natural talents to change the world.


Doris Jeanette

copyright, august, 2006, doris jeanette

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D. is a recognized pioneer in holistic psychology and author of 'A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem,' which guides you, via a harmonious voice, into your own vibrant, emotional health. Order tapes, CDs or ebook

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