Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to Teach People Not to Torture Others

Facts about Violence and How To Teach People Not to Torture Others

Children learn by observing how adults act in their environment--this is called Modeling in learning research. Modeling is the most powerful way children learn all their behaviors.

This means you cannot prevent violence in schools until you prevent violence in adults. This is simple to understand.

When the president of the usa thinks that torturing other human beings is something of value, it sends a clear message to every person and child in usa . The message is straight forward “Torture is an effective way to deal with other humans ..... this applies to a milk man in PA., teenagers in CO schools and children watching TV.

You cannot prevent violence in schools when the men in congress proclaim that it is legal to torture other human beings. This gives a message loud and clear to all adults and children in the world that Torture is legal and necessary.

This wave of torture and violence in schools could easily stem directly from the men in congress approving a very scary law for all of us to have to live with, a law that makes torturing people good and right.

Torturing other human being is barbaric at best. It was used by the men in European to kill the witches, it was used by Hitler to kill the Jews, and it is being used by USA govenermtn to add more violence to our world.

The solution to violence, is to stop being violence, so we do not teach it to others. The way to end Torture is to stop torturing people.

We need laws that make terrorizing and torturing human being wrong and bad. We need to teach our children that there are many positive, healthy ways to solve all real, human problems.

Adults must model these behaviors for the children so they can learn them.

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