Monday, November 13, 2006

The Vibrant Moment

** The Vibrant Moment
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The Vibrant Moment Contents:

1- Get Back on Your Horse Tips

2- Give me Your Feedback and Requests

3--Holistic Health Marketing Workshop, November 18.

4- New Mind- Body Tools Class in Philadelphia

5-Audio tapes disappearing... last chance to buy valuable material on the cheap.

6-Macchu Picchu with sound lady, Nov. 2007


Hello Vibrant Moment Seekers,

Vibrant Moments do not last forever, this is the reality Peter Shepherd was talking about when he told us to “Accept Reality,” during his interview on my radio show. I wrote about accepting reality in the last newsletter and I want you to know I practiced it myself--fresh and a-new, like I had never done it before.... For more about Peter and his mind development course visit here.

By the way I am excited to say, Peter and his lovely wife Nicole will be joining us on our journey to Macchu Piccchu.......I am soooo excited, please consider coming with us.

To enjoy vibrant moments you have to learn to ride your own natural energy flow. You cannot hold on to anything.....good or bad. Sweet or sour. You have to let go and find your inner truths. These truths are made up of both strengths and shall we say, “Things that Need to be Improved” ! Naturally, there are bumps and bruises along the way.

This week I got thrown off my horse, banged up and feeling sorry for myself. I was feeling lower than I have in a mighty, long time.

To move forward, I used the “ACE.” I exerted an Active Conscious Effort to look in the mirror and see how I was getting in my own way. Yes, indeedy. I do practice what I preach. Accepting my own self judgment and self doubt is pretty hard stuff.....yep. Same

as it is for you.

During difficult times you need to seek out help you know is effective and reliable. Or try some new help. I used my own audio tapes, they do made you feel good to listen to them. They helped me remember things I had forgotten.

In addition, I started a new relationship with a expert business coach this week. Boy did I need it, I felt so much better after my 30 minutes with her, I was ready to get back on the horse and ride.

When you fall off your horse, do something to help yourself accept reality and feel better

about yourself. Difficult times are when you need to use the ACE and put audio into your ears and receive comfort, reassurance and sanity--immediately. Use my Heart Material if you own it and then go to the CD’s, with effective holistic psychology principles. The CDs reinforce the inner emotional journey and help you stay on track.

Getting back in the saddle and opening up to more love and vibrant moments is a process. You have to focus on loving yourself though all of the nasty stuff. Use books, cds and people to help you find your strengths.

When I got though taking the medicine of truth, I felt stronger, more sure of myself and ready to go to the next, higher level. You will too.

When you fall down or off, pick yourself up and get some help. Use outside resources, people and products to help you get back in the saddle. Help yourself, to Believe in Yourself It really works and pays off big time. The best investment in the world is an investment in yourself.

Don’t lay down there and do nothing......Use the ACE and put some sweet sounding

words of reassurance in your ears. Say some encouraging words to yourself and remember you are worth loving , no matter what!


Give Me a Piece of Your Mind:

This is your chance to tell

me what you want more of....

Hit the replay button right now and send me a question, a list

a topic ..........give me

some advice about how I can offer more of what you need,

want and desire in this newsletter.

Ask and yea shall receive.

I have a wealth of information and

need to know what you want

so I can give it to you.

Tell me exactly what you want more of..........

be specific, spell it out for me.

Tell me now.


Mind Body Tools Class to Reduce Anxiety and

Increase Vibrant Moments.....starting December.

Call 215-732-6197 for interview.


The Last Few Boxes are Out of the Basement:

Audio Tapes of “Opening Your Heart - Your Emotional Guide

to Self Esteem,
“ are disappearing, buy them now for yourself

and give as gifts.......

Very Soon, the same material will cost $99.97 instead

of $39.95.


*********Macchu Picchu*


Start saving your money to go on a Mind-

Body- Sprit trip to Macchu Picchu, Peru

with Sharry Edwards, sound expert

and Doris Jeanette, who was

crowned the 'the siren of spontaneity'

by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I am so excited to take my Nature Workshop

to Peru, Nov. 2007.

Listen to Sharry’s interview.

Come play with Sharry and Doris and Peter!

Only 20 people are invited to join us.

6 Top Reasons to Travel with Doris:

1- Have a great vacation with lots of fun

2--Learn to read, sense and feel energy

3--Get grounded into earth’s energy

4--Make new friends with like minded people

5--Learn from Sherry about sound healing

5--Have more vibrant moments

6--Trip is tax deductible as continuing education and professional development for most people

A win, win for everyone. And I would love, love, love

to meet you in person.

So save your money and save these dates, Nov. 2007.

Contact me if you are interested.


Till next time,

here is a hug to help you get though

the hard times......

Doris Jeanette

Copyright, Doris Jeanette, 2006


Doris Jeanette, Psy.D, is a recognized holistic psychology pioneer

and author of "Opening Your Heart -Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem”,

which teaches you how to fall in love with your authentic self--NO MATTER WHAT!

Tapes, CDs or Ebook.

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