Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anxiety Help, Natural Treatment

Anxiety is like static on your radio band. Anxiety is learned and can be unlearned. Tune your radio to some good music or a good talk show instead of static. Or better yet turn off the radio for some peace and quiet.

I developed my original anxiety treatment with the women who did not respond to Cognitive Behavior Therapy. In the 1980's, my referrals came from Beck's Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute. I live across the river from Penn and my best friend was the Director of the Counseling Center who knew about my work with anxiety, learning research and feminist therapy.

The last study I read in 2007 reported a 80% recidivism rate with CBT. The reason Cognitive Behavior Theory is limited is because no one enjoys having to think all the time. When you think, you are in Beta brain waves. Beta brain waves are limited. Give me some alpha, delta and theta please.

You do not want to have to think about what you are thinking. You might not even want to think at all!

Turn off your radio and have some fun and pleasure. Set your thoughts free......Get into your body and enjoy letting go of thoughts....umm, umm good.

There are safe, effective ways to reduce anxiety and keep the static low enough so you can enjoy life and achieve peak performance at work and play. The anxiety outside of you is not going away. The anxiety inside of you can be reduced.

Your power lies in your ability to move beyond your brain and your thoughts. Just because everyone else is anxious, doesn’t mean you have to be!

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