Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Dr. Phil “Cool”? Or Does Anxiety Drive the Ego?

Dr. Phil has never been an example of a professional who could honestly help people. One wonders how Oprah could make him famous in the first place. His advice does not empower people or help them believe in themselves.

I wonder how people could be so fooled by him for so long, including Oprah. Her judgment with men appears to be questionable.

The people who have embraced such condescending advice from Dr. Phil all these years must be looking for something besides emotional health, mental health and empowerment!

Dr. Phil is not an example of what I want to see more of in this crazy world. He is not relaxed, open and loving.

People who think they have the answers for others are driven by anxiety. Underneath every single self righteous person is an insecure person.

My heart goes out to a young woman, such as Britney Spears, who is acting out her pain in the limelight for all of us to see. Her insecurity is more obvious to people than Dr. Phil’s.

With more awareness of energy and emotions, you can see the insecurity in people who put themselves up on a pedestal. Look for the body language and tension in the body.

Look and see through people such as Dr. Phil. Anyone who acts like they have the answer and you do not-- is not a healthy model for you.

Do not seek advice from others unless they empower you and help you believe in yourself. ‘

Dr. Phil does not know what is best for you or Britney Spears. Even if Britney Spears does think he is "cool." She has a lot of growing up to do to become emotionally healthy.

Being out of control, such as Britney, is not cool and being in control, such as Dr. Phil, is not cool.

When your ego is gone, your anxiety will diminish.

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