Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can You Read Body Language?

Did you know that your body movements, your lack of movements, and postures reveal more about you than anything else in the world?

Psychological research shows that 80% of communication between humans is non verbal. Verbal people do not like this but it is true anyway.

The days of psychological tests are gone for people who can read body language.

Art Fennell Reports, a CN8 News Television show, recently used me as an expert on body language for the candidates' wives.

Some body language experts use a set of rigid rules to determine what so and so means. I do not. I use the energy in the moment to know the truths being revealed in the moment.

When you read a photograph of a person you are reading a real moment caught in time. What you see is valid for that moment.

When you read a person in front of a camera you are reading someone who is posing for you.

When you are reading the person you are having dinner with, you are tuning in to what they are feeling about you and about themselves.

The body does not lie. Your body does not have the ability to lie. Even when you try to lie and hide. An aware person can see you are lying and hiding!

This means it pays to know what you are communicating to others. In addition, it is extremely valuable to know what the people around you are really communicating to you.

Do not listen to their words, in love relationships or politics, pay attention to the non verbal communication.

Read the energy and information that is present-- right in front of your face-- if you want to know more and make better decisions.

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