Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Do You Believe In Angels?

Do you believe in angels?

Have you ever been visited by an angel?

Once my second grade teacher, Miss Dark, rushed
toward me as I was sitting relaxed in my classroom
chair. I was in the middle of answering her question.
She grabbed me and pulled me up out of my chair
and shook me violently by the shoulders। Her behavior
scared this shy, little, farm girl, to death.

Right after this trauma I thought I saw, sensed, felt
an angel way up high on the ceiling in the classroom.
Was it my imagination? A dream? A wish? Or was the
golden angel sending me much needed love and
reassurance. Yes, I felt love from this being and
comforted by her presence.

What I experienced was real, but I could not
explain the facts or source of this loving energy.
I forgot about the vague, golden angel on the
ceiling almost as soon as I sensed her. She did
not come back into my conscious mind until I
began to study energy, light and human
consciousness more deeply after I finished
my psychology post doc at Temple Medical School.

As an 8 year old I finally figured out Miss Dark was
furious with me for counting on my fingers. I did
not know using your fingers was not allowed. Fingers
seemed handy and reliable!

I still count on my fingers. And I open heartedly
welcome the golden energy of love from the angels.

You can learn to feel the gold.

My colleague and friend, Elise Kerns, can help you
sense this divine energy.

Here is a win- win. You can feel good about
giving to a worthy cause, The Huntington's
Foundation, while you learn more about angels.

The benefit is in honor of Bill Fox, a Philadelphia
area man who died from Huntington's, last

Sign up now for Elise's Angel tele-class.
Tell her I sent you to play with the angels.

An Evening with Angels

Presented by Elsie Kerns

Date: Sunday, December 7, 8-9 p.m.
Where: Call in or listen as a webcast on your computer.
Donation: $22.00 - to benefit The Huntington’s Foundation
In Memory of Bill Fox ~ 1940-2007

Click here to sign up and play with the angels:

If any of you want to share your angel stories
please post your comments below.

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