Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Green Gift Did You Give Earth Day?

What did you do that made you a greener person this year? Tell me. Post your comment below and feel proud of yourself. Earth Day is a day for you to celebrate your gifts to Mother Earth. Give yourself credit for what you did that made your home cleaner and healthier.

I had to think long and hard on what I did this year that made me a greener person. Growing up on a self-sustaining farm set me up for green and nothing but green.

I don’t have a car, never let water run down the sink while I brush my teeth and don’t use my air conditioning in the hot Philadelphia summers. Don’t get me wrong, I am reasonable; when clients arrive I turn on the cool air in my comfy office.

I can proclaim that this year I did not burn a single fire in my fireplace. I read a few years ago in the Sierra Magazine that wood burning was one of the worse pollutants. So sadly, I cut back my romantic, delightful fires.

This year I did not burn any wood. The dead wood I bought to center city Philadelphia from my NC farm in the back of my rental car is still sitting there in the bin.

For next year I plan to stop using the garbage disposal. Can anyone tell me a small, effective garbage transformer for center city living? It must not attract rodents.

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Wayne Ward said...

Glad to see Doris learned to be so green. We did not know any other way to be, we had to save water and still have to watch out for the well going dry here in NC.

Doris Jeanette said...

This is my Dad. Both Mother and Dad are alive and well.