Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How Effective Are You?

"Effectiveness is the measure of truth" is one of
the major principles of Aloha philosophy.

I picked up the little pink booklet on Aloha
philosophy by Serge King when I was in Kauai
several years ago. At the time I was not happy
with the money I was making. So I eagerly read
every word looking for answers.

When I read this principle I was dumb founded.
My reaction was, "You mean to tell me, I am
not being effective because I am not being
honest? No way!" I simply could not wrap my
mind about this idea. Where could the lack of
truth be in my life?

Well, after a year, I began to see more clearly. I
was able to take responsibility for my lack of
money and see the places where I needed to be
more honest.

Sometimes the honesty has to do with your
emotional health and your purpose in life.

How truthful are you when it comes to standing
up for the vulnerable, emotional part of you?

How truthful are you in admitting that you are
scared when you are scared?

How truthful are you in admitting you need help?

These questions will get you started on going
deeper into your effectiveness. Effectiveness really
is the measure of truth.

When you are not being effective in any area of
your life. Seek ye your deeper truths.

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