Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Behavior Can Improve Your Relationships

The single, most effective, healthy relationship
behavior you can put into practice right now is
to eliminate guilt.

It does not matter if you are being controlled by
guilt or if you are using guilt to control others.

Guilt ruins relationships. Guilt feels bad and it is
a total lose-lose. This means no one ends up
feeling good. The guilt tripper feels bad and the
one guilt tripped feels bad! Guilt is yucky stuff.

Guilt is caused by judgment. Without judgment
there would be no guilt.

So if you take guilt and judgment out of your
relationships you will immediately notice the
difference. All of your relationships will dramatically
improve! From lovers to business partners to
clients -- your relationships will flourish.

You will be clear and others will understand you.
You will make better business decisions. You
will enjoy other people and they will enjoy you.

See yourself romping in the sun with your
new guilt free playmates....


LEARN TO RECOGNIZE GUILT and separate yourself
from this nasty energy. Get the tools and skills you
need to stop guilt and judgment from ruining your
relationships. Educational audio, Eliminate Guilt and
Judgment, is a great way to get started.
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ANOTHER WAY TO STOP GUILT and start feeling
real feelings is to safely, slowly open your
heart and solar plexus.
Opening the Heart audio CD or mp3
on sale through July.
Order Opening the Heart
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Eliminate Guilt and Judgment as a bonus.


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Restless Cynicism said...

Hi Doris, I don't know the source of the Redhead facts & myths I just found them on the internet...I'm sure some Googling will help you come up with the answer, or Wikipedia...?