Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Customes Transform Energy

As a shy child I loved Halloween. I could dress
up and become a hobo, gypsy or pirate. Somehow,
the costume magically allowed me to relax and
be myself. I could play and act silly with others in
ways that I could not without the protection of
the costume.

Later, as a young therapist, I found another benefit
from dressing up in costumes. I was struggling
with giving up my "good girl" conditioning and my
talk therapist suggested that I go as a brat for
Halloween. This was brilliant.

I hated brats, did not want to have anything to do
with brats. I judged brats. To me, brats were bad
and that was that. So, of course, going as a brat would
help me give up my self righteous attitude toward
others and it would help me embrace my inner brat
which needed to be expressed.

So I did exactly what my therapist suggested. I threw
a huge party in my new house and dressed up like a
7 year old brat. What fun! All night long I was a brat
to everyone with absolutely no guilt. I had permission
to stop being so sweet, kind, polite and sugary.

I transformed my judgment into healthy expression
in a hurry.

What part of you are you rejecting and judging?

Find it, own it and have fun creating an outrageously,
creative costume-- just in time for Halloween.


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