Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Holiday Stress Relief: Improve Self Esteem

A reader recently asked me," "What can I do to increase my
self worth today? I am cute, smart, independent,
emotionally stable, 90% happy, fun but I have low self
esteem. What causes this condition and how do I move
beyond it?"

The cause of low self esteem is fairly simple. You learned
to see yourself in a certain way based on how others saw you
and related to you. The result is you do not feel enough
worth about who you are. Another way to say it would be,
you do not think that you are valuable enough based on
how you are rating yourself.

Low self esteem is not caused by any inherent quality you
may have or not have! So take a deep breath and feel
better. Self esteem is learned and you can unlearn anything
that you learned that is not healthy for you.

My holistic psychology approach does not involve a lot of
talking or thinking. Instead you learn how to feel different
realities so you can feel, sense, read, know the truth about
yourself. Good self esteem is when your sense of self is
based on reality. This means you know your strengths and
weakness and stand proudly in your body with your heart
open and your two feet on solid ground.

What you can do today to move toward better self esteem is:
Begin to notice the difference in the energy in your body when
you are in your learned, ego state which will always result in
low self esteem and when you are in your natural, authentic
self which will result in stronger self esteem.

Enjoy the process of finding, accepting and loving your real self.
Your authentic self is the only self that can ever achieve solid,
secure self esteem. Everything else is fake and will never be
solid and secure.


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"This is not stuff that you learned from a text book and it amazes
me that someone, another human being, is able to understand the
human psyche so well and to communicate it so clearly. I am trying
to get out of my head and more into my body because I can sense,
when I listen to your CDs, that this is the way to healing and to
normal happiness. Thank you so much for creating these CDs and
for making them available to the general public." Lisa F.


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