Monday, January 25, 2010

To Reach Your 2010 Goals, Don't Overwhelm Yourself

A client of mine made a great list of goals for
2010...the list had about 25 items on it. However,
by the time I got to the 7th one, I was dizzy.

When I am dizzy, I know there is a good chance my
client could be dizzy too! I was overwhelmed. Since I
trust my feelings and intuition, I knew there was
a good chance her list had overwhelmed her.

Sure enough, at our next coaching session, I
checked out my suspicion. Yes, her long, fantastic
list had overwhelmed her. Does your list overwhelm you?
If so, you will not move forward.

Do not give up on any of your goals for 2010. Instead,
take a look at them and make them realistic. Set up
a few as top priority and let the others go till next
year or the next.

It is much more important to reach your goals than to
overwhelm yourself. When you are overwhelmed anxiety
kicks in and your performance suffers.

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