Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Day Relationship Advice: Feel Your Heart

Valentine's Day is coming up. Perhaps you don't want to celebrate because you are single, don't have a date or don't feel loving toward your partner right now. Or maybe you will celebrate with surface fun and meaningless gestures without fulfilling the deep longing of your soul.

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate all the many different kinds of love, not just romantic love.

So check in with your heart and look around. Note the colors, flavors, textures, sounds and images in your heart. What does the energy in your heart tell you? Feel the truth in your own heart. How much love is in your heart? Love is a real, honest to goodness energy. When you look in your heart do you sense dark energy? Resentment? Judgment? Hurt? Pain? Love? Joy? Dark clouds?

Love has to do with your ability to love and open your own heart. When your heart is open, love energy can come in and go out. When your heart is closed, love energy cannot get out or come in.

When your heart is open you exchange love energy with others. When your heart is closed there is no real energy exchange. When your heart is open, you feel good, warm, strong, healthy and happy. When your heart is closed you feel alone, empty, dead, unfullfilled.

The best way to increase loving energy in your life is to open your heart. The best place to start opening your heart is to establish a loving relationship with your emotional self. You need to recognize the energy of your emotional self and establish a daily, nourishing relationship with her or him in order to clear the energy in your heart so more love can flow between you and others.

If you get started on opening your heart in 2010, you will have the best Valentine's Day ever!


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