Thursday, April 08, 2010

Move Toward Real Fears and Away From Anxiety

When you are afraid of something, you have the choice to
either avoid your fear or face it.

You could be afraid of snakes, intimacy or death, it really
doesn't matter. Whatever you are afraid of, there is only
one way to overcome your fear.

You have to stop avoiding it and face it squarely in
reality. You cannot jump over it, pretend or fool yourself.
You have to experience that which you are afraid of in order
to no longer be afraid.

This week I faced one of my biggest fear: the death of a
loved one. My Dad passed away. I was with him and my
mother and sister at this dreaded event.

Instead of dread or sorrow, peace was present. We could
feel it in his body, on his face and within each of us. The
peaceful energy was palpable in the room.

When I spoke underneath the red bud trees lining the historical
cemetery of our little church in NC, a 55 year old fear was
also put to rest. My father was placed beside my little brother
who died at 9 months old when I was six.

All fears end up being much more wonderful than you imagine.

Move toward your fears, slowly, to find peace, freedom and joy.


FEAR IS THE PATHWAY: One hour of the Opening the Heart audio
shows you how to face your fears instead of avoid them.
The other two hours teach you how to feel your emotions and
transform hurt into emotional strength.

Face your fears, grieve and let go.


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