Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Love Advice: Feel Your Emotions

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If you knew that feeling your emotions was good for
your physical health would you feel them?

At the age of 34, as a young psychologist, I already
knew that if you inhibited your emotions you would have
impaired mental health. As my energy and body work
expanded, I discovered how emotional expression affects
your physical health in real time.

My hands were lightly holding my client's ankles, as I
was guiding him into emotional expression. I took note
of the high degree of static energy in his nervous system.
I was also sensing the amount of energy flowing in his
body. There was hardly any energy moving in and out of his
legs, with a little bit more on the right side than the left.

Suddenly, he started to cry, immediately there was a surge
of strong, healthy energy moving through my hands and
thought-out his entire body. Wow, the dramatic shift from
static energy to strong, healthy energy was undeniable.

Following up with other people I discovered that any emotional
expression has this same effect on the physical body.

You immediately, dramatically increase healthy energy flow in
your cells any time you express your authentic emotions. So,
on this Valentine's Day, 2010 I wish you the joy of
emotional expression.

Love is the strongest, most powerful emotion. Please express
the love you feel to others, to yourself and to the earth.


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