Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Energy Helps Us Know the Truth about Thinking and Feeling

Words lie to us all the time.

For example, even the words, “I love you” can be empty, meaningless words. They can be said without any authentic, loving energy behind them. This is the reason energy awareness is so powerful.

The movement, or lack of movement, of energy helps us discover the truth behind spoken words and other human behaviors.

Children and animals are proficient at sensing when words are void and hollow because they are not listening to the words, they are sensing the energy.

However, as adults, we are so conditioned and so controlled that we frequently are not in touch with the real thing.

We often fool ourselves. We think that we know, when we do not. We think what we are doing is good for us and it is not.

This is our problem, we are thinking. We are stuck in our head, thinking. And pondering and.......going back and forth.

The image of Rodin’s sculpture, The Thinker comes to mind. The body is stagnant and still. Definitely not dancing like Rodin’s good friend Isadora Duncan, Mother of Modern Dance.

Sensing is very different from thinking. Sensing is using all of you, the whole you, to know. When you feel, you are accessing data that is much more expanded than just your thoughts about something.

Those of you who have been reading The Vibrant Moment, know that Judgment and Guilt are the two ugly sisters that control us. They inhibit us and make us doubt our ability to sense and feel.

So in order to sense, you must reduce your mental judgments. To learn more about the difference in energy between mental judgments that inhibit you and real feelings that automatically lead you to wholeness, study the tapes, CD’s or written material, "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart."

The good news is that you can learn to give up your mental judgments and guilt so that you can enjoy life. The holistic psychology teleseminar, on July 20th teach you “5 Actions that Reduce Judgments and Eliminate Guilt.” Sign up for "5 Actions that Reduce Judgment and Eliminate Guilt," and you can get the Heart Tapes for half price.

The solution is to become aware of the energy of your own judgmental thoughts and stop them from deleting your power. In addition you need to get highly tuned in to the sticky energy of guilt. And never, yes never, make any decision based on that nasty stuff.

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D is a licensed psychologist, pioneer in holistic psychology and energy expert. Her audio and written material, A Natural Process for Opening the Heart, guides you into emotional security by teaching you how to ride your authentic energy into wholeness. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, loved them and found them helpful in her later years. Order the speical: tapes for half price when you sign up for the "5 Actions that Reduce Judgment and Eliminate Guilt,"

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