Saturday, June 25, 2005

More from the Enchilada Man

Another message from the Enchilada Man in reponse to Astrology being discredited by psychologists.

I have to comment on your response on that blog thing! You go girl! That's what gets me sometimes, The AMA, The FDA, Organized religions, Governments. They could care less about truth. They are only concerned with their own self interests.

(Note from Doris, thanks Enchilada Man, this is exactly one of the big differences between the Old Psychology and the New Psychology.)

The fact remains that we are not just physical beings having spiritual experiences. But are actually spiritual beings having physical experiences. And we need to be balanced mentally before we can really move forward spiritually. Why have so many priests been charged with molestation? The balance is off here somewhat! (Note from Doris, “A MEN!”

You will do more good with your unique approach, than all the institutional opinions put together! You cant tell someone what an orange tastes like. If they never tasted one before. I think we should give that guy some musical enchilada's LOL! What do you think? He could sure use them!

I also liked the way you stood up for truth! without putting the poison of anger in the mix! Which helps no one. That speaks volumes about your character!

It reminded me of a little story I remember often. There was this snake in a village and it would bite the children. And one day a sage showed up and told the little snake. From now on practice non violence!

The snake said OK. Some time goes by and the sage returned and saw the snake all cut and damaged from the children hitting it with sticks and such. And the snake said: see what your non violence has done for me!

And the sage replied. I told you not to bite them. But why didn't you hiss? If we learn to hiss without the venom of anger it changes the outcome for the better. Any who I'm off the soapbox now! Thanks for listening!

This to is a vibrant moment.

and am really looking forward to the astrology tel-seminar. Be there or be square!
Hugs Ken

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