Saturday, August 13, 2005

Use your mind for good stuff...

It is deeply rewarding to work hard at
your soul's goals ---
go through the dark nights--
and finally break through into
the light......

I want to take you by the heart
and help you take the steps you
need to take to reach
your light......

Please take a moment to

Read what a local Philadelphia psychologist says:

"Thanks for blazing the trail to integrate emotional intelligence
with business savvy!" Dianne Seaman, psychologist

"Most 'Healer types' are comfortable leading people into the realm of
the subconscious, but are not business savvy when it comes to marketing.
Dr. Doris Jeanette manages to not only be successful in the two worlds
herself, but is an excellent guide for others. Her marketing workshops
are well worth the time. And check out her free professional resources
page, it is excellent.' Dianne

I learned how to succeed in business
from Marcia Yudkin, world famous
author of 11 books.

I asked Marcia to notice how
her mind works.
And she did.......

Consider listening in as Marcia
tells Doris how her
mind chews up problems and
spits out answers!

This valuable information can help all of us
think more clearly......

Doris has always wanted to know
how anyone could think as clear as Marcia
does about business, marketing problems.

This is the first time this material is
being shared with anyone.

If you did not
read The Vibrant Moment Newsletter
about how Doris meet Marcia at
Skidmore College--do so now

Listen in as Dr. Doris Jeanette

interviews her business, marketing mentor,

Dr. Marcia Yudkin on Clear Thinking.

If you cannot listen in to the live call on August 17,
Sign up anyway so that you can get the free CD.
The Teleseminar is only $29.99.

Later the CD will sell for $49.99 off and Marcia's more.

Learn the
"6 Principles of Clear Business Thinking" (TeleClass)
Tuition: $29.99
08/17/2005 (7:00 PM) - 08/17/2005 (8:00 PM)
Marcia Yudkin, author of 11 books,
teaches you the mental process of how to
take a confusing, complicated problem and end up with your
own definite, workable solution. Learn to use more of your
innate mind power effectively instead of paying others high
bills to think creatively for you.

Sign up at

Limited number of phone lines available. Only 12 left at
this moment and going......

Pass this great opportunity on to your friends and colleagues.
It is the first time Marcia is sharing these secrets with anyone.

talk to you soon,

Doris Jeanette

The Next 'Creative Marketing for Professionals' workshop in
Center City, Philadelphia is limited to six people and it
is September 17th.

Save the date if you are a writer, psychologist or massage therapist.
In person Marketing Workshop information in Philadelphia at
cost is $175.00
Dr. Doris Jeanette
Center for the New Psychology
503 S. 21 St. Phil. PA 19146

Author of A Natural Process for Opening the Heart, your
emotional guide to sanity, which shows you how to live
fully and richly, highly praised and used by the late
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD. Available as tapes, CD's or
written transcripts.
Order at

CD by Doris Jeanette 'Healthy Ways to Reduce Anxiety'
and many others.

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