Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What has Happened to Your Human Mind?

Greetings Vibrant Moments Seekers,

Your human mind is unused, undeveloped and downright unhelpful at times.

What happened to all your wonderful potential? What happened to your brilliant light? What has happened to your human mind?

Scientists tell us that humans only use about 5-7% of our mental intelligence. When I first read this, I didn't believe it. How could this be true?

Well, at the ripe age of 57, after years of studying human potential and self actualization, I now understand how we inhibit our brain and confuse our mental thinking. Gratefully, I also know some ways we can reclaim our innate, potent power.

Think about it......

Do you spend time worrying? Thinking the same ole thought over and over again? Do you think you are better than someone else? Do your dreams replay the same ole story line over and over again, night after night? Do you think others are better than you?

I have written and taught for years that “When you think the same thought more than three times you are obsessing.”

My southern, tobacco farm, land-poor family loved to worry and obsess about problems. Our food depended on each of us doing what was “right” in order to have enough potatoes on the table.

In my thirties I was consciously struggling to break free from my father’s habit of worrying about the rain and my own deeply, conditioned response of “Did I close the hog fence door.” So I wrote down every thought as I became aware of it.

It didn't take long to notice that the thoughts in my head were obsessive, mean and nasty. Since then I have read research studies that even brilliant minds at Stanford University think negative thoughts about themselves 90% of the time. As far as I can tell, this type of thinking is universal.

Staying with myself by breathing and feeling, I finally broke free from my judgmental thoughts. If you want to learn more about how to do this order the CD, ”5 Actions that Reduce Judgments and Eliminate Guilt.”

What happened next is that I started to have more creative thoughts. These new thoughts, first time thoughts, were interesting, entertaining and fun. I laughed at my own thoughts, they were funny. My creative thoughts kept me engaged and excited. They helped me manifest my desires.

I realized that any real problem engaged one thought,
And then the second thought goes looking for a solution and
then the third thought has the solution.
Done with............finished.

This was overstated on purpose to get me to shift out of obsessive thinking into new, clear, clean thoughts.

So beware:

If you think the exact same thought for three times, your mental energy is stuck.

Obsessive thinking is killing our species. It is the opposite of creative, brilliant, flowing thoughts. All of us use our time, energy and brain to obsess about something.

I may obsess about the money I am losing and you may obsess about what you are wearing tomorrow but we both have the same weak, inhibiting, stale thought.

I may obsess about important issues and you obsess about the neighbors. The bottom-line is that both of us have the same inhibiting thought process keeping us from using our brain for helpful stuff.

The good news is that

You were born with plenty of human potential.
You have a choice about how much you are willing to use what you have.
You have opportunities to learn how to access and use what you have.

The Vibrant Moment, my newsletter and e-zine is written for those of you who are motivated, willing and eager to grow, expand and use the potent power that you possess.

You can learn how to use more of your brain and mind power.

The best place to learn is from someone who does it better than you.

The clearest thinker that I have ever meet is Marcia Yudkin. I used to sit in Marcia's marketing class at the International Women's Writing Guild conference at Skidmore College.

I would attend the same class again, even though I had “gotten” her information. I did this because I was studying how her mind functioned. I wanted to learn how Marcia could take a confusing, complicated problem and come up with a definite, workable solution.

I was observing her mental process and trying to figure out how her mind worked. How was it different from mine? She would take a problem, chew it up and spit out the answer. So clear, so fast, so easy.

Since I could not do this myself, I was amazed to watch her process problems without any noticeable inhibitions.

I recently asked her how she does it. Due to my interest she took the time to observe her own thinking. She has become more aware of how and what she does to reach a solution.

She agrees with me that other people can learn how to think more clearly. And she has come up with her “6 Principles of Clear Business Thinking." And she is willing to share them with us.

These same 6 principles can be applied to any life problem that you might have. Once you learn the process of clear thinking, you can apply it to any other life goal you desire. For example, a job or a relationship.

Sign up for Marcia's teleseminar with me this month, August 17, at 7:00 PM Eastern USA time. Or get the self help, small business CD to listen to over and over again.

There are lots of ways to make sure that your human mind is used, developed and
helpful to you. Take advantage of them so that you reap the benefits.

Keep breathing and feeling,
break free from your judgmental thoughts,
and see new, fresh, clean possibilities.

Here is to your success,

Doris Jeanette, copyrighted, august, 2005,

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