Wednesday, September 14, 2005

** The Vibrant Moment **
by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Enhancement Speaker, Peak Performance Coach

Teaching the Secret Power of Effectiveness, Energy and Emotions

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Hello Friends,

I am writing my first SexuallyFIT column for
PhillyFIT Magazine.

Even though my shopping
cart tech man tells me if sex is
used in any email
that I send out it might get bounced back......

It did, it does and still,

I have to take the chance.

These are hard times for the body, emotions and
juicy energy.

I used to struggle and be upset that no-one
was listening to me. This week I got an email from
Jamie asking me to write a regular column for her
PhillyFIt magazine.

For those of you who do not know
our reputation here in Philly,
we are the fattest in the land.

Unfit by statistics.

Local people, or those of you who know local people,
can pick up a free copy of PhillyFIT at any place that promotes
exercise, health and fitness in Philadelphia or New

What I know and what you know are both equally
valuable to someone else.

My constant message
to you is that what you
know in your heart
and who you are
is worthwhile.

Not only that--
we need you.
The whole needs you.

I have struggled to listen to myself for 57 years.
I have resisted in the dark,
been confused and paralyzed--
not able to find my voice
not able to sing out
my truths.

So I know the path and the journey.

Let me help you make the journey
with more ease, with more light
with more comfort,
with company!

I have a free tele-seminar on September 21st.
You can ask me anything you want and I will
do my best to answer it.

There is an International phone bridge.
The phone rates are cheap now in other
countries so that is no

All you have to do to listen in is-- write to
I will also send you all the information you need to make
it a positive, enjoyable learning experience.

Ask me what you need to know and I will share my
knowledge with you for free.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, or know someone who does,
consider the Creative Marketing Workshop for Professionals
this Saturday in Center City. There is a spot open to
those of you who are ready to sing and
use your voice---information below.

Value what you know,

Doris Jeanette, copyrighted, september 15, 2005,
Doris Jeanette, Psy.D is author of A Natural Process for Opening the Heart, your emotional guide to insanity. Studying it changes the way you trust and love your emotions, energy and body. Learn how to access and use your vital energy.
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Read what a local Philadelphia psychologist says:

"Thanks for blazing the trail to integrate emotional
intelligence with business savvy!"
Diane Seaman, psychologist and astrologer

Dr. Doris Jeanette manages to not only be successful
in the two worlds herself, but is an excellent guide for
others. Her marketing workshops are well worth the time.
And check out her free professional resources page,
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Doris Jeanette has never been part of anyone's managed care
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helping them succeed.

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You will never regret taking positive action.

To your success,
Doris Jeanette


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Author of A Natural Process for Opening the Heart, your emotional guide to sanity, which shows you how to live fully and richly, highly praised and used by the late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD. Available as tapes, CD's or written transcripts. Order at

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