Friday, February 03, 2006

Security Must Be Stopped

Civic and personal rights are really getting taken away in Center City Philadelphia. I was accosted today, February 3 at 3:25p in the Reading Terminal Market because I was carrying my groceries on top of my head. A security guard came up to me and stood in my face. He was short, black and serious looking.

"What's in the bag," he said.

"Groceries" I replied, smiling. He did not smile back at me, so I said, "Feel it, it's really heavy, " lending over to let him help himself to my large, heavy bag of chicken, apple cider, lettuce, tomatoes, tortillas.

"That is inappropriate," he sternly told me.

"Women have been carrying their groceries on their head for millennia," I replied, "it's easier."

I stopped smiling and became frightened as he was acting like I was doing something really wrong.

"Take it off your head," he instructed, in a cold, mean voice.

I did and walked toward the exit door, then I put my groceries back on my head and walked out the door. I walked home to 21st and Lombard as I have done for twenty years with my groceries on top of my head.

It is really scary to have my rights violated. No one is standing up to these pushy men and women who are taking away our American rights.

As a licensed psychologist, I am a strong 57 year old woman who teaches others how to be assertive and take care of themselves. It is scary to stand up to authorities that exhibit such rigid controlling behavior. But we have to.

Authorities cannot take other people's rights away.

It is time for" Security to Be Stopped." It is time for us to take back our right to walk our streets and carry our groceries the way we want to.

Americans, wake up and take actions that protect your civic and personal inalienable rights. Do it now, before you are accosted and accused.

To see a picture of me carrying my groceries on top of my head visit my web site, look to the bottom of the left and you will see how much fun and how easy it is to carry your groceries on top of your head. This kind of So Called Security Must Be Stopped.

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