Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Love Posts for Valentine's Day Contest

Doris Jeanette's love posts for Valentine's Day

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Dear Dr. Jeanette

I never really experienced love but since i read about your invitation, i felt encouraged to write how i feel .

Thank you for the inspiration .

This can't be called a poem by any stretch of imagination so i call it words ^ _^


i don't know what love is
or how it feels
i really want to know
all i know is
in waiting there is hope
hope that it will bring
the happiness
i am yet to feel
the pain that is
rumoured to be a joy
really deep within
i dont know what love is
all i know is how it feels
not to have it
all i know is fear
that it may never come
that i may remain standing
till i become bitter
and codemn love
and you
still i hope that in time
you do really come.
which is why
i am still here.
and in the end
i am left with

i hope you like it .

thank you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you,
for sharing your truths....

You will be a-mazed at where that will take you....
Let me know if a day or

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