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The Vibrant Moment

** The Vibrant Moment **
Brought to you by
Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Holistic Psychologist, Enhancement Speaker,
Peak Performance Coach

Teaching the Secret Power of Emotions, Energy and Effectiveness
Please forward this ezine to anyone you know who wants to enjoy
life more, improve their relationships, express their creativity,
achieve peak experiences and fulfill their purpose in life.
The Vibrant Moment Contents:
1- Free Talk with Holistic Moms on "Building Self Esteem"
2-Free Teleseminar on April 20th in person with Dr. Jeanette
2- SexuallyFit information and article
3- Costa Rica Nature Trip with Dr. J. in November.

Hello Vibrant Moment Seekers,

The best time of the year to raise your arousal and
engage your passion is Spring.

So get ready to find out more about yourself
and how you can use more of your natural abilities.

Spend time with the energy of spring.
Let nature take you on a energy ride that is
both safe and exciting.

Sit in the present of cherry trees as often
and as much as you can. Remember to do it.
Stop and sit and breath and feel.

Let this be your reminder.

"Building Self Esteem in Children Must Include the
Body and Emotions." Doris Jeanette's free speech
is March 29th at 7:00p.

Come meet me in person as I talk with
Holistic Moms in Philadelphia.
On the left bank, Penns' Campus,
at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street.

Please do not drug your creative, sensitive child.
Instead use mind-body, holistic health,
holistic psychology knowledge to help them feel safe
so they can shine.

Free Teleseminar with Dr. J, April 20 at 7:00pm eastern time.

Sign up now by hitting the reply button and I will send you
the phone number and code.

My first Free Teleseminars since September.

Everyone who has bought my
"A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-
Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" tapes, CD or
e-book be sure to attend.

I am going to help you use the material more
to your advantage so that you can move forward faster.

In addition, anyone who is interested in learning how to
feel your feelings, use your emotional energy to improve your
health or improve your loving relationships
listen in for free.

The group itself is very helpful and you learn the major
aspects that you need to keep your
energy flowing more often.

We have lots of fun and you learn
exactly what you need to get over
your hump!

To sign up you need to contact me by hitting the
reply button and I will send
you the phone number and

If you have never attended a teleseminar
try this one, they are lots of fun.

I listen to them all the time.
A great way to do continuing education.

Study CDs of past holistic psychology teleseminars


Here is the sexualhealth (this is spelled this
way to stop me from ending up in your junk mail!)

article I promised you.

How Sexuallyfit Are You?

My masseuse was kneading a chronic, tight, hard knot in my left arm. As is my habit, I was breathing and feeling, trying to let go and relax to a new and deeper level.

She put pressure into one of my arm muscles and stretched it out. Boom. A rush of tingling, exciting energy run down my whole left side. Wow. Fresh, thrilling energy moved though those pathways that had been shut down to tariff for, I am -not -going- to -tell -you how many years.

I must confess, that I live for this type of experience. I love the sensations of being alive, turned on and glad to be here. Holistic psychology is the means by which everyone can achieve these new adventures in body, mind and spirit. Becoming vibrant has many positive side effects.

Having been a sex therapist for 30 years, I find that most of the physical inhibitions that are in our body are the result of poor sexual health attitudes. Our false beliefs and learned, conditioned responses keep us from having peak experiences, such as my lovely tingles. After-all, we deserve them on a weekly basis.

Centuries of misunderstandings and misinformation have left us afraid to trust our body, emotions and sexuality. American Puritanism took the human species to a new height of sexual, self rejection. The results of this high pitched anxiety is still affecting our current inability to embrace real sex. Religions and governments have successfully scared us into thinking that sex is bad, dirty and unhealthy.

When the truth is exactly the opposite. Your sexual energy feeds your life force. It is the root of your health and happiness. If your sexuality is sluggish, you are sluggish. You are depressed, anxious and unfocused. On the other hand, If you have sexual health, you have enthusiasm, vitality and charisma.

So, I take great joy in helping everyone achieve vibrant sexual health. It is one of life’s most delicious pleasures. When you are sexually fit you are emotionally healthy, mentally healthy and physically healthy. You love other people and treat them with respect and dignity-- as you do yourself. There is absolutely no doubt that loving, sexual energy greatly improves the world.

To lay a solid foundation for achieving your signature brand of sexual fitness, let me begin with this valuable bit of information. It does not have anything to do with intercourse. No, it does not. Neither does it necessitate any sort of activity with same sex partners.

This is very different from what you have have been taught, so listen up. Your sexual health does not depend on any other person. It is totally and completely within your power and control. Your sexual fitness depends on how much and how often, you allow your physical and emotional energy to move through your whole body. It is that simple. Let go, just like I did on the massage table.

Please notice that my definition of sexual fitness is not the same as "The Image" we have been conditioned to believe is sex. You know, the stuff that sells cars and fills up movie screens. I call this learned, fake stuff, "Mechanical Sex." Push a few buttons, do some heavy breathing, throw in a few kisses and have an orgasm. Not very fulfilling.

You feel insecure and drained after these encounters because "Mechanical Sex" does not add to your happiness or health quota. Stay away from that activity if you want to be powerful, sensual, loving and sexy.

"Mechanical Sex" can result in reduced energy, premature ejection, sex addictions, inability to get turned on and other pesky problems that stop you from really enjoying your body, sexuality and love making.

So the bottom line is that you do not want to waste your juicy, vital energy on another person. Instead you want to keep it for yourself. This energy, the same energy that ran down my whole left side, feeds your life force. You need your fire, drive and passion for your own daily adventures.

Then your whole life can be exciting and creative. You can focus on opening up more emotional lanes in your body for future enjoyment. Your sexy energy is the magic that improves your health and makes you successful.

Yes, it even improves your ability to make money. Read Napoleon Hill’s classic, self help book, Think and Grow Rich. Notice what he says in the back of the book about the sexual health of rich men. Despite the obvious weakness of not including women in his studies, he is the only author I know, that understands the real purpose of sexual energy.

When you keep your sexual energy anchored in your body, you have all the enthusiasm you need to exercise, create, make money, heal people, dance or fulfill your purpose in life.

Of course, any time you want to, you can also make love with another person. But do not give them your energy or let them drain you. Nope, it must be an equal exchange or hold out for a more sexually fit partner.

copyright, doris jeanette, march, 2006 Read more free articles about sex and love and relationship advice

Start saving your money to go on a Mind-
Body- Sprit trip with Mother Nature in Costa Rico
with me, Doris Jeanette, who was
crowned the 'the siren of spontaneity'
by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I am so excited to take my Nature Workshop
to Costa Rico Nov. 4-10, 2006.

I am going to teach you first hand how to have
more vibrant moments...
by showing you how to let go
and enjoy any moment any where

......and of course
I share my vibrant moments with you in person.

Travel is the best way to shift your ordinary life into
more excitement, freedom and peak experiences.

Want to get more juice in your life?

Come play with me in Costa Rico:

- You will have a great vacation
- Learn to read, sense and feel energy
- get grounded into the nature energy of costa rico
- connect with others in body and sprit
- this trip is tax deductible as
continuing education and professional development.
- And besides, you will be working directly with the children
in costa rico to give back to those who need you.

A win, win for everyone. And I would love, love, love
to meet you in person.

So save your money and save these dates, Nov. 4-10, 2006.
Contact me if you are interested.

Till next time,

Doris Jeanette

Copyright, Doris Jeanette, 2006

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D, is a recognized holistic psychology pioneer
and author of "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart -
Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem,” which teaches you
how to heal your love relationship problems, feel your soul's
colorful feelings and fall in love with your authentic self.
Self help Tapes, CDs or e-book

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