Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Feel The Energy Flow In Your Human Body For Powerful Self Help

I recently ran into a client that I worked with twenty years ago at a mind body spirit conference. She spontaneously touched her heart and said, "You taught me the difference in how power feels in my body and how control feels in my body. I use it to this day to know the difference."

This warmed my heart and reminded me of how important knowing this difference is if you want to achieve good mental health, physical health and emotional health. If you want to live fully and have more Vibrant Moments, you have to know the difference in controlling energy, out of control energy and the real, authentic juice.

In the beginning days of my mental health, holistic health practice I noticed that people confused power with control. They acted as if they were the same energy.

As I tried to help them relax and trust themselves it became obviously that they held on to “control” because it was the only "power" they have ever felt.

They didn't want to give up their "defenses" because they perceived them as necessary to their well being and safety. When in fact, their defensive energy was hurting them, but they did not know it.

I realized that you had to sense the difference yourself, in your body, to know the difference. You had to see, hear, smell, taste and feel what was really going on in your flesh and with your real feelings in order to perceive what is really happening to your body and energy field.

You have to directly experience which events make you weaker and which ones make you stronger. In order to this, you have to become aware of your body, your feelings and your energy. Mind body psychology was born.

Being in your head, thinking and talking only serves to keep you controlled. This is the reason Talk Therapy is limited. This is the reason I developed a New Psychology that works directly with the physical and emotional energy flow. For more about
this difference read my holistic definition of the new, future direction of psychology.

Power flows like a natural river and Control is stagnant. Or if you are the Out of Control Type, you might have energy that is too fast, crazy or exaggerated.

Either Controlled or Out of Control energy creates an unhealthy state. This is the opposite of natural health and wellness. Anything you do that alters your natural flow of energy is controlled or out of control.

Your natural energy flow is like a river that is left in its natural state. Wild and Delicious. This natural energy flow has created our wondrous planet and it is healthy and strong.

That is the reason I call my Open Your Heart Information, "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem." I teach you the difference in how control and power feel in your body. And show you how to get in touch with your real body, your real feelings and your healthy energy flow.

Vibrant Moments happen spontaneously, in the moment. You cannot not plan or program them. You can only enjoy them when they happen, like a natural flowing river. Sign up for this free, sweet self help newsletter with mind body energy information.

Contrast a natural, flowing river to one that has been damned and altered by man. In the USA our Colorado River was controlled, covering up many acres of beautiful canyonland. This action adversely altered everything in the gorgeous Grand Canyon.

The whole eco-system was upset from the mud to the fish to the microorganisms. Undoing this kind of damage takes Mother Earth a long time. This is same kind of destruction man has done to himself.

You have been brainwashed, controlled, damned up and inhibited from birth. It is your body, emotions and sexuality that have been wounded the most. As a result, your whole eco-system has been destroyed.

To undue this damage you have to become conscious of what actually makes you weaker and what makes you stronger in the flesh. In the body.

Words will not do it; you have to have a direct experience of your own power and control. You have to prove to yourself. What is really going on inside of you? What is really going on outside of you?. If you want to learn more about how to discover the difference in these energies in your body study "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart- Your Emotional Guide to eElf Esteem” Tapes, CDs and e-book.

If you sexualize your energy, you are controlling your own energy flow and this weakens you and your energy field as I explained in detail last month. On the other hand, when you feel safe, you let go of control and allow your natural, sexy current to come forth. Then you are in the vibration of "Making Love With Life.” Tis Srping, go for it!

To make love is to give birth to the spiritual activity in your flesh. Now is the time to wake up and get turned on to enjoying life.

Copyright , April, Doris Jeanette, 2006

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