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Improve Mind Body Health, Go to Cape May

** The Vibrant Moment ** Self Help With Sparkles and Flashes

Brought to you by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Holistic Psychologist, Peak Performance Coach

Teaching the Secret Power of Emotions, Energy and Effectiveness
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The Vibrant Moment Contents:

1--Improve Your Mind Body Health By Going to the Beach article
2--Results of the Contest, “Name My Show” new internet audio show from CA.
4-May 6th: Cape May, NJ--Play with Your Energy
5-New Anxiety Reduction Group in Philadelphia
6- Web Site facelift

Improve Your Mind Body Health By Going to the Beach

Doris Jeanette

Psychologists have known for years that without
healthy physical connections, children do not develop
properly and adults become violent.

Yes, we know this......

Yet most psychologists still talk and talk and talk
at you, about you, around you and more talking
about the problems you have........

Recently newspapers have reported that drugs and
psychotherapy are ineffective with depression,
anxiety and relationships problems.....
and still they talk and talk.......

Enough already.

Talking about your problems in the same
old way reinforces your anxiety,
your depression, your fear.

Makes your body tight to talk and think so much.

Thinking is what you want and need to reduce.
Learn effective ways to "Tame Your Thoughts"
on the mind body psychology CD for
better sleep and peace of mind.

In real time, your mind body is screaming at you and
your talk therapist is not listening to your body,
your feelings or your emotions any more than you are....

Your mental, emotional health does not improve by talking about
your problems. You got to relax into some emotional place,
some body place, some new place..... to make a difference.

You got to get down into the sand........into the field of gravity
down to where you have never been before......
Or at least not since you were a child who was relaxed and free.

The Center for Holistic Psychology helps you become
more aware of your body as a means to improve your emotional health.

Any mental health service that involves the body seems to
get results. Positive results, healthy results...
something improves when you include the body.

Therefore, I take you to the beach where you
learn how to relax into your muscles, nerves and
bones until you become physically comfortable in the sand.

This helps you feel safe so you can let go and relax your
mind body into a different vibration.

A different brain wave, out of that talking beta brain-wave stuff.

The natural health and wellness result of using Mother Nature
to help you----is your mental, physical and emotional stress disappears.

You feel safe and secure because you are attached to something real.
You learn how this feels in your body.

You drop into a different place.
A real place where you know who you
really are and what you really are and
why you are here on planet earth.
You feel it with your body.

Relaxing into the field of gravity is a different vibration.
It is a real vibration. Just like a child needs a healthy
physical, emotional attachment to mother,
you need an intimate attachment to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth grounds you and keeps you safe.
Nothing else can do the job.

I've been doing Nature Workshops for over 20 years.
They are a fun, fast and effective way to relax and
improve low self esteem and reduce anxiety, depression.

When you are relaxed you
have more vibrant moments,
peak experiences
and joy in your everyday life.

Nature Workshop Attendees report:
"I am more aware of my body."
"I seem to be less critical of myself, more patience."
"I don't know what happens, I go every year.
I Love it, I feel better."

For anyone who can get there come-play with me
May 6th, all day long in the sand,
Cape May, New Jersey, USA. Sign up

For the rest of you, go to the Beach, walk
into the Forest, climb a Mountain
and relax into Mother.

Relax deep into her arms. Go to a new place. Listen to my
voice as you relax telling you how to feel your mind body
emotions and find your strengths. Order sweet
sounding Heart Tapes at

Center for Holistic Psychology offers creative events that provide safe,
drug free ways to improve your mind body health.
For more information visit

Copyright, Doris Jeanette, May, 2006

Name the Radio Show Contest:

Thank you to everyone who send in interseting,
great names. They were good but......

This time the producer of the show named it
herself. She read all of the entries and
named the show herself.

It is a great name and I am happy with it.
"Live at the Edge, Fall off the Map, Come Back
to Tame Monsters. "

This is a take off of the amazing words
Jean Houston said about me back in the early
80's after I studied with her and
traveled to India with her.

"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges,
fall off the map of her known world, and come
back with the means to tame monsters."

The new radio show will be recorded the second
week of May. Stay posted for more free
ways to access Dr. J.

Nature is vibrating
and you can vibrate with her........

Do plan to join our small group
at Cape May Point, NJ for our
next Nature Workshop May 6th.

Save the whole weekend to enjoy
and indulge lovely romantic
Cape May, NJ.

Sign up at

Call me to discuss more at 215-732-6197

Next Anxiety Reduction Group for men and women starts on
Wed. night May 10th at 6:30. Powerful Medicine to give up static.
For your interview Call 215-732-6197
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Please be patience as the remodeling is being done. I have been
my own web master for almost 10 years so I have a mess to
clean up! Naturally it is a process. I do not do it all at once and
then show it to you. You can see the process unfold, naturally.

Spring cleaning inside and out.


Doris Jeanette, Psy.D, teaches you the difference between healthy
and unhealthy energy in your mind-body-emotions. Her
"A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional
Guide to Self Esteem,” takes you on a self help healing
journey where you mend your broken heart, feel your soul's
colorful feelings and fall in love with your natural energy flow.
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