Friday, May 26, 2006

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** The Vibrant Moment ** Do You Have An Ache or Pain in Your Human Body?

Brought to you by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Holistic Psychologist, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker

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The Vibrant Moment Contents:

1--Do You Have An Ache or Pain in Your Human Body?
2--New Anxiety Reduction Class..... 2 spots left.
3- Holistic Health Marketing for Holistic Professionals

Do you have a sharp, stinging pain in your right shoulder?

Gee......too much time at my beloved computer has bought up a
chronic right side emotional issue that must be re-addressed.

If I do not pay attention to my body’s crying, screaming message,
I am sure to become slower, older and stuck.

However, if I practice what I preach, I can
become more vibrant, younger in heart and
flowing with more juicy energy.

Even as I age, my energy can be new, fresh and sweet.

As can yours.......there is always hope, help and happiness to be had!

The lowly, despised, neglected and ignored human body needs attention.
So my goal today is to give it what it needs and wants.

First I listen. I listen with all my outer senses. And then I listen
with all my inner senses.

To tell you the truth, I read my own articles for help and inspiration.
This whole thing started yesterday when I was redoing my web site
and editing the “Love Your Body” article.

As a result of reading this human body material my own body awareness
increased and I was reminded to get out of my mental thoughts
and more into my flesh.

So this morning I am ready to listen to my wonderful,
beautiful body as it talks to me. Screams at me.......

I have to confess that I also re-listen to my own audio messages
to get back in touch with what I need to be doing. Today I am
going to listen to the human body CD, "3 Reasons You
Must Listen to Your Body for Self Esteem,
Emotional Security and Physical Health."
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I want to get deeper into the information that is held in my
physical body and find more truths about the emotional
issues that are still stuck in the bones along my spine.

We all need help and daily reminders to keep us on the
holistic health path to self help success.

I sure do need all the help I can get.

So much garbage exists in my own mind and in the media
and in the psychology books that I really have to start
with a fresh glass of water to achieve the peak performance
and peak experiences that I want for myself.......
and that I also want for you.

So here are my holistic psychology, mind body suggestions:

1- Start and stay with your own inner knowings.
2- Do not be fooled by your own ego or anyone else’s.
3- Get the help you need to have hope and happiness.
4- Put good stuff in your ears so you hear guidance that
leads to your own truths.

Today’s newsletter will be short so I can go swimming
earlier and longer than usual.

In addition, I am going to do some physical labor instead
of writing at the computer so much. (spring cleaning in process)

I am going to listen to my own words of wisdom.....
in my ears and with my heart.

I think the second tape on fear in the 3 tape series,
“A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your
Emotional Guide to Self Esteem,” will help me with courage.

(It is always anxiety energy that is stuck in the physical form.)

I am going to listen to my reassuring, calming audio
tape as I relax after my swim.

Then I can set up another massage appointment or
perhaps I better do that right now..........

If you want to join me in the natural process of finding your
emotional health, mental health, sexual health and body
health, here is a Special Bonus: if you order
the “Listen to Your Body” CD, you
get the 3 tape series for
50% off. Add “A Natural Process
for Opening the Heart-Your Emotional Guide
to Self Esteem" to your Human Body CD order
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Not taking action, means you
become slower, older and more stuck.....

Join me in movement toward the whole
....wholistic psychology in action.

Reap the rewards of taking action.

copyright, june 2006, doris jeanette
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