Friday, June 16, 2006

Do Something to Make You Feel Good

** The Vibrant Moment ** Do Something that Helps You Feel Better

Brought to you by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
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The Vibrant Moment Contents:

1--A Suggestion to Make You Feel Good
2 -New Internet Radio Show: 'Live at the Edge.'
3- Holistic Health Marketing for Holistic Professionals

This week I met with a woman professor from India,
who is a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.
She told me that there is no treatment, help or assistant
for the women who have been raped in India.
Nothing at all.

Here is a suggestion to make you feel better that is

From my creative marketing mentor,
Marcia Yudkin, author of 10 books:

'Why not suggest that people buy your audio tapes
to donate them to their public library, domestic violence
shelters or to organizations where they would help
people who need the help ?

What a great idea!

Helps you feel good --win.
Helps the people who listen to my tapes--win.
Gives you a tax deduction - win.
Gives me more room in my basement-win.

What a great worthwhile tax deduction!

As a bonus contribution, I will send 2--instead of the one
that you buy-- of 'A Natural Process for Opening the Heart -
Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem' to the domestic violence
shelter, assisted living center, cancer center or public library
that you pick.

I will gladly pay the cost and shipping on the second one
and mail them overseas to any community or person who
needs them. Or I can mail them to you and you can hand
deliver them to the place that needs them.

The 3 tapes in 'A Natural Process for Opening the Heart -
Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem' guides any person,
especially one who had been raped, toward more self worth.

My comforting voice reassures her or him, that she or he is lovable
and not to be blamed. I teach her how to find her inner strengths
and re-claim her emotional and physical dignity.

I gave Dr. Malika Mistry 6 sets of my tapes to take back to India.
When we get funding I will go to India to train Indian women to
heal the women who have been raped so that there will be help
for all the women who need it someday.

Peace and sanity begins with you and me.

Order your Feel Good, Enjoy Life tax deduction

If you need a statement from me for the IRS,
I will provide it for you.

We must turn the tide by helping humans feel enough
self esteem, emotional security and physical security
to love instead of hurt members of our own species.

Help me in any way you can and tell me how I can help you.

2--My New Internet Radio Show, 'Live at the Edge' is now
alive, online 24 hours a day. Listen from anywhere in the
world for free.

Spread the word and give me feedback. Tell me what you
want to learn.

July 22, Holistic Health Marketing Workshop.
Summer time is the perfect time
to do your marketing. It is a slow time
so make good use of your free time and
learn new effective ways to tell the world
about the valuable service you offer to humanity.

Grow your Holistic Health Business into success with
creative methods such as the one Marcia gave me
about my audio tapes.

Call: 215-732-6197.
Buy someone a gift that they need. Feel Good, Enjoy Life tax deduction
If you need a statement from me for the IRS, tax deduction I will provide it for you.

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