Friday, August 07, 2009

Want Enough?

Tools from The Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette


Want Enough?

If you want the experience of having enough you
will have to move out of your ego energy into your
authentic self energy.

The ego is never satisfied with anything you do.

If you sit down it will say, "Why did you sit down?
You need to stand up." So you stand up.

Then it will say, "Why did you stand up? You need
to sit down." So you figure you better sit down and
you sit down. Then it will say, "Why did you sit
down, you know you need to stand up." And on
and on the ego goes~

To have enough love, food, money and sex you
have to be in your authentic self energy. The
authentic self is easy to satisfy because it is real.
Just a little real love goes a long, long way. You
will get so full of the real stuff, your cup will
runneth over.

Get real so you have enough.


GET REAL. Open your heart and find the gold inside.
Your authentic self is waiting for you in your heart
and solar plexus. Go find her or him.
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