Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Easy Way to Improve a Skill

During a human potential workshop in NYC in 1983 I heard Jean Houston say that practicing a physical skill in your imagination is just as effective as practicing the skill in real life.

Since then there have been many studies validating this fact and some studies even report that visualizing the skill is better than practicing it in real life!

How often do you use your imagination skills to improve your performance or reach a goal?

In 1989, I took my local Philadelphia women’s softball team all the way to the Championship Win by practicing every night in bed to become the best pitcher in the league.

Last week via a twitter chat, Carrie Armitage a professional pianist and singer-songwriter from Canada and I were discussing visualization. Something she said, gave me an exciting new idea about an unusual way I can help people with unpleasant body memories.

Since I am always on the lookout for faster and more effective ways to help men and women release the trauma of having been sexually and physically abused, I was thrilled.

To help you use this ability more effectively in your life, I asked Carrie to explain exactly how she used visualization to unlearn what she calls “bad technical habits.”

Here is what Carrie Armitage said.

"I recently took a fairly lengthy break from playing the piano. What I found when I returned to the keyboard is that I wanted to play up to speed right away in order to be able to play the parts I was writing for my solo project. To keep that momentum I was developing bad technical habits with regards to my approach to playing the parts. To further complicate things I was also favoring my ring and pinky finger on my left hand due to an injury to the ulnar nerve.

When you play a part over and over again you develop a muscle memory. In effect, you can then play the part without even thinking about it, at great speeds. If you have reached this stage in performing a part, it is very difficult to change the technique you’re using to play the part. The only method I had ever really been taught was to slow it right down and do the hard work of recommitting the part to memory with the right technique. I have little patience for this, and coupled with my left hand injury, I also did not have the physical stamina for it.

I started using a visualization technique where I would go over the correct technique in my mind (where the muscle memory doesn’t exist) – and have found this to be very effective in correcting bad technical habits (incorrect fingering or hand position).

I had learned many years earlier of visualization for performance – where you can visualize hitting the high notes with ease or going over a performance in your mind so many times that you have already performed perfectly in abundance before you ever step on a stage. I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it at the macro-physical level – and, it works! Going through the movements in your mind appears to be as effective as physically practicing, and perhaps even faster because you don’t have the down time of making the mistakes." Carrie Armitage is a professional pianist/singer-songwriter with an eco/peace focus.


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