Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feel Before You Move

I recently met the only blind figure skater in the world. Yes, you guessed it, via twitter! He wrote a blog article called "living on the edge and loving it.” As some of you know my Internet radio show is called, Live on the Edge, which is a phrase taken from a testimonial I received from Jean Houston, Ph.D. in 1984 after I studied and traveled with her in the USA and India.

Living on the edge means letting go of control and discovering the parts of you that exist beyond your conscious mind. If you desire rich, full-bodied experiences while you are here on earth it is an exciting and worthwhile journey.

The rewards are many; you will find your much needed instincts, intuition, kinesthetic abilities, feelings, sensations, inner knowing and healthy energy flow.

In order to jump and spin on the ice, Stash Serafin gets into the movement with his body from the inside out. He stands still and feels what is inside of him and the energy he finds then leads him forward out into the world naturally.

This is the same body heart method I use to teach people to break free from knee jerk reactions which are ego based so they can sense their natural born center which is full of real power and authentic self esteem.

Here is what Stash wrote me:

"Hi Doris,

I was delighted to hear your show last week, Living At The Edge as you and your guest spoke about modern dance. This is very special to me as I am an ice skater, blind since birth, and am the only blind skater in the world jumping, spinning, and really get the moving from inside to outside.

You and your guest mentioned about center, feeling the impulses, being still, and then the movement happens. This is exactly how I trained myself how to skate. I still do the tiny standing still exercises which I now know without a doubt turn into movements of self expression on and off of the ice.

I am thrilled I can skate, and the more exciting thing is how the connection between movement and skating happened as I have been involved in modern dance for 36 years. I studied with Margery M Turner, who was the Chairman of the Dance Department in Rutgers New Brunswick campus for many years until she retired in 1984 or 1985. We kept in constant communication until she passed a few years ago, and I still miss her very much.

Thanks for sharing your site on Twitter and the wonderful shows you put together with such loving care and sensitivity to center and well being.

All The Best,

Stash Serafin Blind Figure Skater

Visit Stash's website and blog to learn more about his powerful, authentic movement into the world. He teaches people how to skate and is available as a speaker.

You too can learn to ride your healthy energy and go for a spin. Your body and heart will take you for a jump out into the world of meaningful, rich experiences.

You have to feel from the inside out in order to break free from your knee jerk reactions. When you learn to do this, you will access your natural born, flowing energy.

I hope to meet you on the edge.

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