Friday, September 25, 2009

Nature is Big Medicine

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Yesterday I got a call from a man who was talking so fast;

I had to slow him down to understand what he was saying.
He was in a panic. The prescription medication he had taken
for many years was no longer working and his heart was
racing and he could not sleep.

I explained to him, “Medications do not get rid of anxiety;
they cover up your symptoms so you do not know you are
anxious. They fool you, instead of helping you. Your
anxiety got worse because it continued to generalize
and spread."

His story continued, "But I got really good at stopping
my anxiety attacks with Cognitive Behavior Therapy. When
the last one started in the parking lot, I said, 'Go on,
give it to me! I can take it.’ "

Unfortunately, his Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment
backfired and fooled him into thinking he was overcoming
his panic attacks and he was not.

CBT can reinforce problems by getting you to think so
much that you can end up controlling yourself more,
not less. This is what happened to him, he was more
anxious and not less anxious.

"I said to him, if your body and nervous system are not
relaxed, you have not overcome your anxiety attacks.
You need to learn to relax your body and nerves.”

Bottom-line: MDs and talk therapists do not have strong
enough medicine to overcome the static in your nervous
system. You need Big Medicine, the kind that comes from
the land.

You need Mother Earth.


BIG MEDICINE: One of the major benefits of a Nature
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Sharon Corsaro said...

Incredibly accurate! Love that you are doing this work - SO needed by so many! Happy to have found you ~ Thanks so much!
~ Sharon Corsaro

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D said...

Wow! Thanks a million Sharon. A pleasure to meet you too.

I really appreciate your encouraging comments. I feel strongly that traditional psychology and medicine have failed the world community.

We need to look for alternative, holistic approaches that are safe and effective in empowering men, women and children.

Too bad you are on the West Coast, it would be great to have your uplifting, gold energy to play with in the Nature Workshop!