Sunday, September 06, 2009

What Are You Thinking? Create Relaxation Instead of Anxiety

Do you know what you are thinking? Or do your
thoughts just happen without you being aware of them?

There was a famous study with the students from
Berkeley several years ago which showed that 95% of
their thoughts were negative about themselves. If smart
Berkeley students think badly about themselves, just
imagine what the rest of us think about ourselves!

If you stop to notice how your thoughts affect your
automatic nervous system you will be shocked. One
single thought can make you jump up out of bed as if
an alarm has gone off signaling an emergency that has
to be dealt with immediately or else something bad will
happen! This one thought creates a rush of adrenalin that
flows through your whole body sending shock waves
to every cell in your body.

Your brain is telling you there is an emergency and yet
there is no real emergency. Out of control, irrational,
racing thoughts can ruin your life causing you to experience
both chronic and surface anxiety.

The only way I know to gain mastery over your thoughts
is to pay attention to them. You need to become aware of
what you are thinking and sort through the ones that are
helpful and use the data to your advantage. The ones that
are alarmist and negative against the self can be tossed out
like rotten food in a refrigerator.

Notice your thoughts for better results.


An Australian man who is taking the Overcoming Anxiety
Naturally online course reports that the most helpful part
of the course has been "Noticing my thoughts, conscious
breathing, feeling good about myself, going towards my
goals instead of going into the hole, not judging others or
myself. And a heap of the other info has sunk into my
awareness and I often recall things that are helpful."

Not bad for an affordable e-course. Read more and take the
Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online course for only $149.97.


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