Thursday, June 23, 2005

Are Enchilada's Musical?

I received this great question from a reader of The Vibrant Moment.
our sensational newsletter.

Ken has come to be known as the Enchilada Man, for many reasons. One of which is that both of us love enchiladas and highly recommend them to the world.

"Are enchilada's musical?"

My answer,

Of course enchiladas are musical, we can hear them, right? At least those of us who listen to our soul.

Here is the rest of Ken's delightful, entertaining and uplifting e-mail to me:

Hi Dr Jeanette:

Yes, its me, the enchilada man. I'm sorry we lost touch there for awhile. I missed a lot of great tel-seminars. You are still doing your thing I can see. And quite well as usual. The sage told me your Teleseminar
will be another great one. So please sign me up! Pretty please with hot sauce on top. (laugh!)

Well the reason I lost touch is: My creative juices ARE FLOWING! at an astounding rate. And your last vibrant moment is right on target! Coincidence number fourteen thousand and nine! LOL.

I am now making some killer guitars. And feel the pulse of the universe working with me all the time. What a joy! Life is a joy! We are supposed to be joyous and free, its our very nature! As you always say! Breathe and feel, (note from Doris, this is my motto, repeated over and over again on my Heart Tapes series. Order them and
Learn to Flow .) so your energy doesn't block. Case in point.

I had this one guitar that I envisioned painted a certain color. I don’t know why but I bought two cans of paint the same color one dark and one light. I painted it and it was too dark! So I painted it again. It was then too light!

Did I get angry? No! Did I breathe deep? Yes! That deep breath allowed the connection to occur and found the solution. The two colors were there for a purpose! I then proceeded to make a burst pattern darker into the lighter color. It came out fantastic!

Better than how I envisioned it! So in essence The creative force itself worked through me to help create that guitar! I've always loved working with wood. Now that I'm retired I can finally let that natural, creative part of me out! I'm very good at it. That's from all my years of tree hugging. (laugh!)

Wood is such a great medium to work with. Its very forgiving! and can be shaped, painted, broken and easily repaired. The tree is just being itself, free flowing with the pulse of the universe. Well I used to talk to them but that's another whole enchilada! LOL

By allowing the energies to flow, my musical ability is skyrocketing! A guitar to me was like a therapist. It would always be there for me to help me release trapped energy! In hard times I could bang on it hard and scam! I hate you world! Then I could go and hug a tree again. LOL.

Feel free to use any part of this e-mail in your vibrant moment! (Note from Doris, our newsletter, The Vibrant Moment is dedicated to helping everyone in every corner of the world have more vibrant moments.) And I look forward to your next Teleseminar Be there or be square! Peace, love and groovy.


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