Sunday, June 19, 2005

Not Everyone Agrees With me!

Some of my fellow psychologists do not agree with me and girl have I been hearing about it! Guess I stepped outside their professional comfort zone.

Feels like stones are being thrown at me. Am I the "Woman at the Well" or just another drama queen?

The revolutions, by that I mean, the sexual and feminist ones, have done very little to change circumstances when it gets right down to the nitty gritty.

Anything that makes people uncomfortable is still taboo. And we all know that sex and something that smells the least bit feminine is very, very taboo.

Even astrology!

Suggesting that it is a system that can be used to find our natural talents and gifts has elicited name calling from a psychologist who thinks his methods are more scientific.

Yes, of course. We all know that the psychological tests that psychologists love to give you and interpret for you are based on much more scientific facts than astrology.

Right. For years they used the famous MMPI test. Do you know who this test was standardized on?

It was standardized on Minnesota Farmers. When I learned this, I knew psychological tests where not in my best interest or in the best interest of anyone who would ever be my client. Can you imagine? Minnesota farmers?

I am a Farmer's Daughter from NC. I know that Minnesota farmers certainly are not the perfect example of good mental health.

This is an excellent example of events where psychology has done more harm than it has good.

This test was used to hospitalize, label and ruin many women and men's lives in the last century.

Even today professional coaches love to give their little precious personality tests to all their executive clients like they were God’s gift to humanity.

Then they sit down and interpret with you just how emotionally intelligent or mentally healthy you are. They tell you just what kind of person you are.

These personality tests are no more “Reliable” than the MMPI.

These tests are one of the big differences between the Old Psychology and the New Psychology.

The last time I looked, the MMPI was still being used once in a while in the outbanks. But most people know that comparing a smart Jewish kid, or a creative homosexual, or a sensual Mexican or an emotionally advanced woman with a Minnesota farmer is not going to tell them much about anything.

Unless it is how stupid psychologists where in the first place for creating it, using it and saying that it had anything to do with good mental health.

Astrology on the other hand has been around for thousands of years and is reported in each and every major newspaper everyday. It is a system to explore and discover who you are. Check out Shelley Ackerman who will be my guest on my monthly holistic, new psychology Teleseminar on June 27th.

This is my truth. One session with an astrologer told me more about my natural talents and authentic gifts than years of psychotherapy. More about that later.

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